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Minneapolis riots twitter - Jun 01 2020

Unicorn Riot is on site in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. Tune in right here for the day’s stream, embedded. Camera One Camera Two To get emails when we go live, subscribe to our Livestream channel. For social media updates follow our Twitter and Facebook pages. DNC Livestream Coverage Links: DNC Day Four (Thursday …
Fort Wilson Riot - Forgotten Language (Live on The Local Show 7/25/10)
Unicorn Riot on Twitter
Chicago, Oct 19: Cute Is What We Aim For "The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch" Ten Year Anniversary Tour

Fortheculture13 May 28 shared via Twitter
What it feels like scrolling down Twitter right now

TPostMillennial May 28 shared via Twitter
Even if you have ample reason to protest, rioting just harms the community and is never the way to protest.

CarolineCoramUK May 29 shared via Twitter
Trump sees what the Minneapolis riots are. They have been paid to riot. Why else would there be supplies dropped in? Why do you think those footage rolls were rushed to the media? You should be ashamed of yourselves Twitter. Watch yourselves or you will be shut down.

AllMightyMelo May 28 shared via Twitter
100k people dead from the virus, Riots in Minneapolis, and this fucking dumbass president is signing executive orders against Twitter.

n2ulmao 23 hours ago shared via Twitter
Ay Twitter can we find this police man? He is literally deranged and is itching to shoot protestors. Actually he does when one person yell at him

JJStanley6 May 29
Can't sleep. Been watching Minneapolis burn and riot Live. Protest in Phoenix, Louisville, and Denver. Twitter flagged again. Soro's is behind it all. We've been Hijacked. Literally

stillgray May 28
Ilhan Omar's daughter shows support on Twitter for antifa group organizing riots in Minneapolis

yv1600 May 28
Me watching the riots in Minneapolis on Twitter

bijsexual May 28
Europeans trying to understand wtf is happening in America by scrolling through twitter

bearz_gg May 29

YourAnonS0u1 3 hours ago

SteveRustad1 May 28
Take your Executive Order and shove it, Trump. We're going to keep telling the truth about you. On Twitter & everywhere else. GET USED TO IT. Scott Baio Section 230 Jennifer Fairness Target Pennsylvania Democrats Swalwell Andy Ngo

. fired another salvo at Trump again over a tweet about the Minneapolis riots. ...

fcgoddess_ May 29
Twitter do you thing... this is the owner of Wraps2Go in Charlotte NC. He made a racist comment about the riots in Minneapolis. He later deleted the comment.

janetlea18 23 hours ago

PrisonPlanet May 28
A video uploaded to Twitter from the scene of the riots in Minneapolis last night captures the audio of someone demanding the rioters “shoot the white folks.”

AlexUlrichh May 28
Waking up and checking Twitter seeing a woman named Jennifer in a wheelchair start stabbing people looting/rioting at Target only to get doused by a fire extinguisher...

Where does the phrase 'When the looting starts, the shooting starts' come from? Before Trump, it was uttered by a Southern police chief during civil rights unrest in the 1960s. The phrase was considered to have contributed to the race riots in Miami.

Twitter needs to ban people who are calling for violence in immediately... it violates their own rules... but we all know they won't.

redicetv May 29
If you missed he latest Flashback Friday live, watch it here: We have Podcast/RSS feeds here: Henrik is joined by Tom Kawczynski to cover Trump's executive order in the war against censorship, later we cover the riots Minneapolis.

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