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We Love Soaps: 50 Greatest Soap Couples: #3 Victor & Nikki From THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
Victor Newman
Eric Braeden joined the cast of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as wealthy tycoon Victor Newman in 1980. Description from I searched for this on
The Young and the Restless Victor and Nikki
The Young and the Restless preview for next week: Victor and Nikki share ‘A Lifetime of Love’ #YR #TheYoungandtheRestless #CBS
The Young and the Restless: Marcy Rylan to Play Abby! Updated!
(Abby Carlton after rapid aging) - CBS' The Young and the Restless ...also played a leading part on CBS' Guiding Light
The One and Only Soap that is left on tv that I watch...
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Victor Newman Finally Gets His Just Deserts on Young and Restless: Eric Braden as Victor Newman
young Eric Braden | Eric Braeden, who also acted under his original name of Hans Gudegast ...
Young and the Restless-I remember watching this as I got ready for KINDERGARTEN!! lol
Don Stewart -- (11/14/1935-1/9/2006). American Actor. He portrayed Eric Apppleton on TV Series "The Young and the Restless", Mike Bauer on "Guiding Light". Movies -- "The Doomsday Flight" as Charlie, "Carnival Magic" as Markov, "American Ninja" as Victor Ortega, "The Betty Ford Story" as Nelson, "Listen" as Reporter. He died of Lung Cancer, age 70.
#TheYoungandtheRestless ~ #JeanneCooper aka #KatherineChancellor
10,000 Episodes And Counting!
The Young and the Restless ~ Jeanne Cooper
April 3rd Birthday Wishes & Famous Birthdays Quiz - Who are these famous people born on April 3rd?
1) He was Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind. 2) She starred in The Goodbye Girl & Cinderella Liberty. 3) Burlesque fan-dancer & film actress (Bolero; Sunset Murder Case). 4) Hans Dietrich on Rat Patrol, he's Victor Newman on The Young and the more, Yellow & Black Birds on a Wire: Ridham Nagralawala via Unsplash #50+World #50PlusWorld #FamousBirthdaysQuiz #AprilBirthdayGreetings #AprilBirthdaysQuiz #HappyBirthdayPictures #April3rdBirthdays #BirdsOnAWire #WildBirds #YellowBirds
'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers: Jack's Cavalier Attitude Pushes Phyllis To The Edge – Furious Her Husband Won't Battle Victor
Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) has hated Victor Newman since both characters were middle-aged. But, last year the writers pushed 'Jackie Boy' in a different direction on 'The Young and the Restless'. After the Marco (also played by Bergman) arc played out, Jack decided to end his pe
Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) - Young and the Restless
Shemar Moore Returns to The Young and the Restless to Memorialize the Life of Kristoff St. John
The life of Kristoff St. John, who died on Feb. 3 at age 52, and Neil Winters, the character he played on The Young and the Restless for close to 28 years, will be honored this week on the CBS daytime drama, culminating with a tribute episode on Monday, April 29.The Young and the Restless Star [...]
Young and Restless
The Young and the Restless Star Eric Braeden Does The Anti-Aging Challenge | Celebrating The Soaps
The Young And The Restless Spoilers: After Losing Chelsea, Adam's Out For Blood — Victor's Role In Chloe's Faked Death Rocks Newman Family
The Young And The Restless Spoilers: After Losing Chelsea, Adam's Out For Blood - Victor's Role In Chloe's Faked Death Rocks Newman Family - Soap Opera Spy
doug davidson - Google Search
Jeanne Cooper, the enduring soap opera star who played grande dame Katherine Chancellor for nearly four decades on The Young and the Restless, has died aged 84. Oct. 25, 1928-May 8, 2013. You will be sadly missed...
10,000 Episodes And Counting!
The Young and the Restless Photos: Melody Thomas Scott & Eric Braeden on
Beau Kazer, who originated the role of Brock Reynolds on CBS' "The Young and the Restless" in 1974, died on December 30 in Thousand Oaks, California.
The Sexiest Soap Stars : Steve Burton, General Hospital | TV Guide
Sharon Case Hot | Sharon Case Pictures - Photo Gallery: The Sexiest Soap Stars
Victor Newman- What a sexy man. He has gotten sexier with age.

luckylisa363 15 May 2019 shared via Twitter
John I’m on the same page. Age doesn’t matter. Kids grow 10 yrs in a season and female leads are WAY older!! Lol. Young and the restless. Except the like victor and Jack etc.

Roof_Chris 5 Jun 2015 shared via Twitter
Folks on the Young and the Restless never age. I know Victor Newman still got a gang of hoes on this bitch.

T_dot_C 22 Nov 2012 shared via Twitter
The Young and the Restless has got to be ghe LONGEST running Soap Opera on TV. How old is this shit like 50yrs? Does Victor Newman ever age?

bellhill11 Jan 13 shared via Twitter
Yes I'm getting to see that. I mean what we do. I believe the days of soap watching is coming to an end for me. I hung on to young and the restless for many years bc of Victor. But he has gotten so up in age he doesn't really have a SL, so maybe it's time to give it up

Colombiana2287 22 Sep 2013 shared via Twitter
The Young and the Restless was recommended to me at a very young age by my Dad he was a Victor Newman aficionado

WhippinNFlippin 31 Aug 2015
I swear them mutherfuckers on The Young And The Restless don't age! ( show been on a 100 years and Victor still...

AWeaverWrites May 12
Unless they need to age up a kid. I remember watching The Young and the Restless when Victor and Nikki sent their daughter off to boarding school (when she was four!!) and she came back to the show the next season as a sixteen-year-old. Lol.

RhondaRlenzinna 6 Nov 2018
I think I actually remember watching that. I've watched you grow up to become the beautiful lady that you are now. I think you had come home from boarding school at age 14 when you started on Young and the Restless. Working at Victor's business you met Ryan your first love.

Young and The Restless... Was a Victor Newman Fan at The Age of 7

I'm Vision Nissan waiting for my vehicle, oil change and inspection. I just finished watching and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful. It like I not miss a episode. They do not seem to age. What is their secret Victor and Nikki.

Raquita 24 Aug 2018
I wanted Jane the virgin to be like Young and the Restless and air for like a century. You look like you would age well like Victor Newman...

OuiserB_NC 18 Dec 2017
At my Mom's and she is watching The Young and the Restless. Is Victor Newman/Eric Braeden a vampire or what? Dude doesn't seem to age.

weezie_wee 18 Jan 2016
Victor from young and the Restless is immortal...that nigga never age

ms_memec 26 May 2015
Is it just me or the actors and actresses on Young and the Restless don't age. Victor and Nicky still look 45-50 and they 70 lol.

johnlacarbiere 14 May 2014
Victor from the young and the restless has to be the same age as Morgan Freeman

sainttsubi 31 Oct 2011
If you wanna live forever and never age...become Victor from The Young And The Restless. what is he doing?

Jenfucius 23 Sep 2011
Watching young and the restless waiting for the all my children finale....victor newman does not age!!

Russw777 18 Sep 2011
This is not a wind up - David Ginola has landed a role in US TV soap 'The Young And the Restless'.

EW 16 Sep 2011
'Young and the Restless' scoop: Melody Thomas Scott talks about new contract

ebertchicago 22 Sep 2011
Gus Van Sant's "Restless." Two young people in a contest between love and death. My review:

kylehebert 21 Sep 2011
Congrats! to appear on The Young & The Restless Friday, 9/23:

CastingAbout 22 Sep 2011
JUDY BLYE WILSON has taken over casting for THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. Contact info at

TerryFoster971 21 Sep 2011
Titus Young is restless and ready to strut his stuff:

Xfinity 16 Sep 2011
: Casting news on All My Children, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, One Life to Live:

aidafipps 14 Sep 2011
Discount 10-70 percent for Young And Restless Soaps.And you can combin

KngPin919 23 Sep 2011
So General Hospital and The Young and The Restless are the Last of The Mohicans huh

jdolcourt 22 Sep 2011
The Young and the Restless?

bitsnoopkr 17 Sep 2011
[토렌트] The Young and the Restless Sept 15 2011 torrent: The Young and the Restless Sept 15 2011 torrent

jeffreypatricko 20 Sep 2011
Muscles and Thom Bierdz! Old Dogs & New Tricks: Young & the Restless' Thom Bierdz Joins ODNT in Re...

japmap2009 20 Sep 2011
t Riegel Speaks Out On Y&R Exit and Restless //Eden Riegel is a class act! More than I can say 4Y&R!

webdish 19 Sep 2011
Young and the Restless Spoilers for this week: 9/19:

ecrawford22 21 Sep 2011
The Billy Club & Restless and Restless -Paul Lavoisier

pavnud 23 Sep 2011
Watch Past Young And The Restless Episodes: Watch Past Young And The Restless Episodes

AmyMistretta 23 Sep 2011

c_gladney 22 Sep 2011
Young and the Restless Video - The Young and the Restless - 9/23/2011 Sneak Peek -

MattieAvis 22 Sep 2011
rt We need you on the young and restless.

_Tamsey 22 Sep 2011
SMGDH RT : Called a parent today who told me to call her back after the Young and the Restless went off....

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