xfl football schedule week 3 - Playadeharo

sn_nfl Feb 22 shared via Twitter
XFL schedule Week 3: What football games are on today? TV channels, times, scores

Sports_Teller Feb 17 shared via Twitter
2020 Football Week 3 Picks & TV Schedule -

big75husky75 Feb 23 shared via Twitter
THEE F'IN TITLE Episode 3!!! Live at 8pm EST with Food/Cooking, PC Building, "New NFL Schedule?" and XFL Week 3...WITH GUEST...JT!!!

Will38414335 Feb 22 shared via Twitter
XFL Week 3 Schedule (CT) Roughnecks vs Vipers 1 pm today Renegades vs Dragons 4 pm today Guardians vs Battlehawks 2 pm tomorrow Defenders vs Wildcats 5 pm tomorrow

Team_Joe2 10 May 2019 shared via Twitter
My week on Twitter: 1.) A stupid latte cup was left in a scene of the most popular show. 2.) XFL TV schedule was released. 3.) Pissed off some UGA fan. 4.) Watched a meltdown of UF football. 5.) Cubs ban a guy for “necking” the nation.... 6.) Cleveland TN is still a shit hole!

ClayTravis 6 May 2019
Here’s the full XFL TV schedule. Saturday games on Fox and ABC almost every week in same time slots. That’s massive.

darrenrovell 21 Dec 2017
Vince McMahon sold $100 million worth of WWE stock today to fund Alpha Entertainment, which he created, in part, to fund a pro football venture. Alpha Entertainment filed for 5 trademarks last week to the "XFL." Draw your own conclusions.

XFLShow 7 Feb 2019
Did you know... We also cover all the other Football going on this week outside of ?

BizballMaury 6 May 2019
The XFL TV schedule allows for consistent appointment viewing each week with back-to-back games starting Saturday afternoons at 2 pm ET as well as two additional games on Sunday afternoons. /end

darrenrovell 20 Mar 2018
BREAKING: , director of "30 for 30" doc on XFL & Dick Ebersol's son, is launching a new pro football league. First game scheduled for 2/9/19 on CBS, week after Super Bowl. Will be to market a year before McMahon's new XFL. Details Here:

crupicrupicrupi 25 Jan 2018
I remember writing about the Week 2 numbers vs the opener and snarking something along the lines of "turns out, Americans don't want to watch shitty football" and some guy from the XFL called and yelled at me. (Thereby establishing an 18-year+ pattern…)

NBCSNorthwest 6 Dec 2018
The NHL isn't the only league to award Seattle a team this week 👀 The XFL is coming to the Emerald City! 🏈🏈🏈 More on Seattle's newest football team: ➡️

dgingiss 25 Jan 2018
Vince McMahon announces new XFL football league to return in 2020 - 8 teams, 10-week season, no gimmicks, playing to mobile audiences

TimBenzPGH 30 Nov 2018
This week's "Friday Football Footnotes" looks at Nate Washington's not-so-split loyalties, the Baltimore quarterback situation, the second dawn of the XFL, and another potential move to college ball for"Coach Wiz."

XFLToPortlandOR 21 Dec 2018
Sounds all great to me XFL. Can't wait to be watching every single game, and soaking up all of my XFL Football each week. Oliver Luck is going to do amazing amazing things for this league.

paulsen_smw 12 Feb 2019
In the final nationals, AAF beats NBA head-to-head. Largest audience for a non-NFL pro football league since Week 6 of the XFL in 2001.

xfl2020 31 Jul 2018
Yesterday we told you about the committee that formed to help reimagine the game of football. Now hear from the Commissioner himself on his vision for the committee, which held meetings in Charlotte last week.

MurderBryan 16 Dec 2017
Can someone tell Vince that I will pledge to watch the first week of XFL football at least?

ProfRisch 2 Apr 2019
The AAF football league is suspending operations because it couldn't work out a deal with the NFLPA. It ran out of money in WEEK 2. Maybe better to work out financing and player contracts before launching football leagues? Even the XFL lasted a whole year

MattBinder 9 Feb 2018
on this week's podcast and i talk about the return of the XFL, how MAGA already thinks/knows this is their football league, and how Vince McMahon and Donald Trump are basically the Spider-man pointing at Spider-man meme

247Sports 7 Feb 2019
After leaving the Michigan Wolverines football staff this week, Pep Hamilton will reportedly head to the XFL:

XFLShow 25 Nov 2018
Happy Football Sunday! New show is out and you can download on any podcast app now! This week... Legend Spotlight on How the is affected by spring football in the states. And the latest news you need to know!

xflboard 25 Feb 2019

xflboard 16 Mar 2019
Last week in Jacksonville, FL, "Your Call Football" helped the test its exciting new rules. More information about rule testing, and player procurement was released in this video. @YourCallFB

lnd_football 31 Jan 2016
In honor of the Super Bowl next week, we remember our last champs & the greatest upset in history

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