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iPhone 7 PRODUCT (RED) 256 GB (Xfinity M
Up for sale is a iPhone 7 256GB (product Red) that was used with Xfinity Mobile. Phone has not been unlocked to any other network. Do note that the home button is broken and therefore TouchID is disabled. Phone was factory reset and has a soft home button (home button on screen). Other than home button phone works as designed. Will include knock off otter box defender case as well! Phone isn’t iCloud locked as I am the only owner of the phone
Samsung galaxy s8 plus
This is a used Samsung Galaxy s8 plus. Screen has 2 different cracked areas, but not the LED screen. Does not affect the use of the phone, just cosmetic. All cameras work like new. Black in color. Is on Verizon network with xfinity mobile, can be unlocked online for a small fee. Will be factory reset before being sent out.
LG K30 X410 - 32GB - Black (Metro) Smartphone - Very Good Condition #Cellphones & #Smartphones
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Samsung’s midrange Galaxy A51 is now available unlocked
Samsungs mid-range Galaxy A51 is now available unlocked -- Samsungs Galaxy A51 is now available as an unlocked device in the US following its release via Verizon Sprint AT&T and Xfinity Mobile. The unlocked 4G handset can be bought from Amazon or where its price is listed as $399.99.
Brand New Apple iPhone XS Max - 64GB - Space Gray (AT&T) A1921 (CDMA GSM) #Cellphones & #Smartphones
Xfinity Mobile | Your Wireless. Your Rules. Shop Online & Save.
Xfinity Mobile | Shop Now Save. Data Options from $12/mo
Apple iPhone 8 - 64GB - Silver (Xfinity Mobile) MQ6L2LL/A Smartphone #Cellphones & #Smartphones
Moto e5 Play 16GB Unlocked Cellphone
This is a very nice mid-range cellphone equipped with Snapdragon 427 CPU which is a Quad-core 1.4Ghz processor and 2GB RAM. It's running on Android 8.0 Oreo OS. It comes with 16GB internal memory and can expand storage up to 128GB by adding a microSD card (not included). The device also have fingerprint sensor on the back and built-in FM radio function. The phone was operated with Xfinity Mobile carrier which runs on Verizon network. It's unlocked and fully compatible with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T,
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - 512GB - Space Gray (Unlocked) A2161 (CDMA GSM) #Cellphones & #Smartphones
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Midnight Black T-Mobile Good Condition Financed Cell Phones & Smartphones
Samsungs mid-range Galaxy A51 launches on AT&T and Xfinity Mobile #samsungnews #news #viraldevi pinned from May 02 2020 at 09:04AM
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - 64GB - MidnightGreen (Verizon) A2161 (CDMA GSM) ( 91 Bids ) #Apple #iPhone
Unlocked iPhone 11 Pro 512GB Silver (Refurbished)
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BRAND NEW IPHONE XS MAX ( Read Desc) on Mercari
iPhone XS Max 64 GB Color - Gold iCloud unlocked Purchased this phone for $950, I use AT&T, but sadly this phone is locked to XFINITY MOBILE ( which i did not know) you can either find someone who can possibly unlock it or use it with wifi. i cant use it because i have AT&T. PHONE IS NOT BLACKLISTED AND HAS A CLEAN IMEI. I’m willing to negotiate on the price but NO LOW BALL OFFERS. I spent $950 on it and only used it for a week before getting another phone. * IF YOU HAVE DEPOP PLEASE BU
Xfinity Mobile | Your Wireless. Your Rules. Shop Online & Save.
Xfinity Mobile | Plans from $12/mo + $300 Off Select Phones
Apple Iphone XR 128GB Blue - Fully Unlocked CDMA GSM - Inbox Good #Cellphones & #Smartphones

xfinitymobile May 27 shared via Twitter
Our public and business hotspots are not the same as customers' home hotspots. The public hotspots can be found here: .

xfinitymobile May 26 shared via Twitter
Here are some info on WiFi calling on Android: 👈

Xfinity 20 hours ago shared via Twitter
Thanks for contacting Xfinity Mobile. In order for us to verify your account, please text us at 888-936-4968 or go to to request a call back. Xfinity Mobile experts are ready and look forward to assisting you.

Xfinity 15 hours ago shared via Twitter
Encourage you to keep an eye on during this time. Currently our store services are limited to equipment exchanges, kiosk bill payments, new Internet equipment pick-up and ordering mobile device replacements. The site will update as things change.

Xfinity 15 hours ago shared via Twitter
Hi Aaron. Stores are not currently processing early mobile upgrades. We apologize for the inconvenience.

DernTrader May 27
Thanks for resolving the issue where you kept billing me for service I don’t have. You’re showing just how essential I am to you. I love being charged for multi line phone coverage when my phones are through xfinity.

For the record here are my previous speeds on mobile WiFi from .

StockNews_Rpt May 27
Are you ready for 5G? Because 5G is ready for you... Xfinity adds 5G data plans to its mobile service. Learn More:

kolyshkin May 27
I've discovered Xfinity Mobile recently. It's a Verizon MVNO so best coverage, and my bill for 5 lines are now cheaper than Fi was for 2 lines. Caveats: - you have to be Xfinity Internet customer; - not all Android phones are supported (Pixels are fine).

MisterEchs May 27
Just noticed that real-world mobile data speeds are more than 2x faster than .

DerrickGullatt3 12 hours ago
CEO DERRICK GULLATTE the phone TCL total wireless mobile I think that's something that the FCC should look into what type of service are they pursuing the network could be running off of Verizon wireless Xfinity or AT&T something's not adding up with with the service

MikeGMathews May 26
Glad you are okay. Thank you for the tip about being able to listen to your team radio in the NASCAR mobile app. Added a very cool new dimension to the race.

the_BOOCH21 May 23
hey when are you going to have agent customer service on the phones available? Your service is comeplete horse shit :)

medanich77 May 22
Can you tell me if there are any current promotions that would buy out my early term fees from Sprint so I could switch to Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity May 14
Are you referring to a Xfinity Mobile promo?

Xfinity May 18
Hey. Are you having issues with your Xfinity Voice line or Xfinity Mobile line?

comcast Mar 1
Are you an Xfinity Mobile customer? -Gabbie

MRNRadio May 19

cmeik 22 Nov 2019
I could get faster internet at home (and cheaper) with FiOS but the Xfinity mobile hotspots are so worth it.

phonescoop May 18
Xfinity Mobile Launches 5G Service: Comcast's Xfinity Mobile has launched "new" service plans that include mmWave 5G data at no extra cost. The new plans are mostly identical to the company's old plans, except the cheapest plan — offering just 1 GB of…

mscompton26 22 Dec 2019
🚨🚨If you are trying to call me, please contact me through messenger. My number is not disconnected. There was an issue porting my number from Xfinity Mobile to Verizon, so I have a temporary number until the issue...

FiteTV May 11
Familiar with HOW MANY ways you can watch on ? Not only are we available online, mobile, OTT but also, if you have Comcast Xfinity 1 or Xfinity Flex. Order by going to X1 SportsZone or Flex Featured Sports section to buy tomorrow's event! 🏍️ ⬇️⬇️Vroom, vroom!

aloke_mahato Mar 27
so many outages and latency issues in the past week in Millbrae, map shows outage throughout the day. Why we are paying when we have to use mobile hotspot to work. Can we expect to get this fixed

slideme May 19
When will Comcast's Xfinity network have 5G coverage? These are the 5G phones and plan prices...

sarsabes 11 Dec 2019
. Here's my lightning fast cell service on Xfinity Mobile on iPhone 11. Sounds like my choices are to wait two hours for tech support or just change carriers? Phone worked fine with TMobile.

comcastcares Mar 20
Thank you for reaching out to the Xfinity Mobile Social Media Team. I apologize about the long hold. With the current pandemic our operations are currently being affected. If you can please direct message us, I'd be more than happy to see what I can do for you. -Paul

PHLBizJournal Feb 16

In my area, there are only 2 options? ATT and Xfinity. I like Xfinity, and also have my phones through them. Their phone plans are super cheap, but require Xfinity internet.

cbauco 6 Dec 2019
Switch to xFinity mobile $12 per gb of data usage if you don’t use data then the cost is zero. Texting and calls are free. Yeah if you are on WiFi all of the time it will save you a ton. If you have a high cell data usage month you can switch to unlimited and that is $45 a month

MUAdifiziert Mar 30
I heard from a guy at the xfinity mobile section at the store that iphone 12 is set for sometime next year (I think). I got the 11 pro max and it takes better photos and videos than my DSLR so I sold that one. Also COVID19 means no phones are being shipped now, so supply is ltd

xfinitymobile May 14
We apologize for the frustration. In order for us to verify your account, please go to to chat or request a call back. Xfinity Mobile experts are ready and look forward to assisting you with this mistake.

jlivingood Mar 30
Xfinity Mobile has also seen an interesting shift from LTE over to WiFi - makes sense if you are at home. /6

coltsjunkie Apr 8
App-based is definitely better. Usually cheaper, no equipment, and they are all mobile.

TechLuvnMomma 13 Dec 2019
Of course. Great info! 😍 I don't use xfinity mobile as my main carrier but spread the word about them because I know they are legit. I use to sell it when it first came out. If I could I would move to them right now.

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