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Comcast jumps into wireless with Xfinity Mobile
Best Bundle Deals for TV Internet and Phone: Signature Triple Play by Comcast Xfinity
AT&T bundles internet, HBO, and a year of Amazon Prime for $39
AT&T bundles internet, HBO, and a year of Amazon Prime for $39
Top TV Plans in US
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Be very careful when you sign up for one of Time Warner Cable’s two-year promotions
Recently, a Time Warner Cable customer who had signed up for one of the company's two-year offers was surprised to see their cable bill jump by $15 per month after just one year. After making multi...

SAGITTERR0RIST 29 Dec 2019 shared via Twitter
If comes out with a mobile phone, internet and TV bundle for under $150 it’s over with

bazuma42 14 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
super frustrated, i brought over my mobile phones to xfinity, thought i would bundle all my cable internet and mobiles services with one company, not seeing any benefits, still 2 bills and no overall discount

JDuh_Mae 1 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
I was on the phone with for an hour and 20mins 😑 all I was trynna do was change my package and possibly bundle up my services but No.... Still no bundle packages for mobile, internet, and tv

BoostLinden 14 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
Prepaid Internet is on fire right now! Why pay for things you don't need? Stop in and pickup this prepaid Xfinity and get FIRST MONTH FREE of unlimited gigs! Just $45 per month for unlimited and if you bundle with your Boost Mobile phone you save $5/mo! No contract!

DeftDel 6 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
Shoutouts to Ken at , and the tech that helped solve my internet issue and the customer solutions guy that hooked me up with a new bundle and upsold me an iPhone 8 on Xfinity mobile 😂. Somehow paying the same amount I was w/ T-Mobile while paying off phone 🤔

dcbrin 6 Jan 2018
So, switch from ATT to mobile and buy 3 phones - 2 iPhone X - and interestingly after my first month comes to a close, my TV/internet bundle suddenly increases $25/month. What’s up with that?

comcast 15 Nov 2017
RealTime Assist keeps customers updated on their Xfinity services through timely and personalized messages delivered directly to their mobile phone, My Account app, or X1 screen.

GToddKaiser 9 Dec 2017
voice customers get to block unwanted calls. Using for a week and phone is very quiet and wanted calls get through. They have a mobile app too -- but costs $24/year. Based on landline results, its probably worth it!

B_NERD 19 Nov 2017
Final consensus: Sling Tv is trash. YouTube TV sucks ass. PlayStation Vue is great but too pricey for the lineup. Xfinity has amazing lineup but limited to mobile devices (for now). DIRECTV NOW is perfect and runs on everything.

rechavoc 16 Dec 2017
- At Verizon store right now. I found out they turned off my unlimited internet. So I was told I had to contact Verizon Wireless on my own. What awesome customer service! Xfinity Mobile is looking better and better!

comcastcares 3 Jan 2018
Our main support line is 800 XFINITY. If you would like us to help out with these changes, you can send over a DM with the name on the account, the phone number associated and the full address for review. -ML

975TheFanatic 26 Nov 2017
Stop by XFINITY Live! and check out 97.5 The Fanatic's Brian Westbrook, Devon Givens, Michael Bradley and special guest Tra Thomas broadcasting live from The Fanatic's Mobile Broadcast Center presented by Dietz and Watson.

tannasolit 7 Nov 2017
FYI: iPhone owners... Xfinity Mobile device protection plan has applecare included for $12 per month and annual free phone upgrades!

B_NERD 27 Oct 2017
Just walked into the Xfinity Mobile Store and got my mom a new iPhone 7. Quick and easy service. I’m impressed so far.

SH00T_ 22 Oct 2017
Been on the phone with Comcast Xfinity for 3 Hours and I feel like killing myself

y0ung_simba 2 Jan 2018
Day 5 of still not fixing issue with internet/phone and TV..Found out my neighbor has Xfinity so one specific spot in my house gets wifi

roxybernstein 25 Sep 2017
My birthday present from & is service interruption and technical issue with my cable, internet and phone. Thanks so much!

CowboyBill5 7 Oct 2017
Let’s see. Waiting for rain to stop for Xfinity race (don’t look good), thinking of something for dinner, planning on updating software on phone, watching Iowa kick Illinois ass and probably a nap. Yup, big plans.

adamclanton 29 Sep 2017
No joke: is on the phone with and just used the phrase, “That’s what she said” with the guy on the other end. I’m so proud right now.

KobOneArt 11 Dec 2017
Xfinity's customer service is nothing short of raking a fork across your retina. Over 2 hours on the phone and 3 different representatives to get me the internet speed I already pay for and they still fell short! It's like they try purposefully to be hateful?! Xshititty even.

merrykosmos 25 Nov 2017
heyyyy so this is how they are promoting on the remote mobile app... my little baby AGAIN without her prince and looking ready to commit murder. Murder baby!

ipyong25 10 Oct 2017
-Plaza Mobile getting ready to sell xfinity and boost @jerseyjoe_spg

calereeder 27 Sep 2017
Yep... all true, but if you are already on Comcast/Xfinity AND you need a new phone then it’s one of the best deals for mobile.

LeahDee4 26 Oct 2017
I think I'll be able to watch on the CW app when they post it but watching it on my phone isn't as good. Tiny Sam and Dean :(

WILDLibrarian25 1 Nov 2017
My husband and daughter love their Xfinity Mobile, I just love my phone because it has an extra\removable battery. Just waiting for BYOD.

cush2push 24 Oct 2017
And I'm not strictly tied to them as my next phone. It's whoever Xfinity mobile gets 1st. Both the Pixel XL and Essential have my eye

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