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Jadenrosex 12 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
And also for the price of this monstrosity you could easily buy a 2nd hand Xbox one S for the same price WTF

segagamer Jan 25 shared via Twitter
Then put me as part of the .1%. A Windows 10 Home Licence alone is £99. An Xbox One S is £189. Demonstrate how you would build a PC more powerful than an XB1S for £89. Listing dodgy Windows key listings doesn't count and 2nd hand parts mean we'd have to use price of 2nd hand XB1S

Zero_ToIerance May 6 shared via Twitter
Side note, Xbox one was the weaker console this gen for the price, but still sold well, point invalid sorry. And still sold well when they forced the kinect on people, and almost got rid of 2nd hand games. And started with WIFI only, (couldn't set it up without internet) lol SOLD

Excahm 9 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
Oi, my big bro got a hacked Xbox One, i though would´ve a 360 because the 2nd hand price was barely anything. Basically $100 usd for a console with 70 games.

Saku_Miku_ 3 May 2019 shared via Twitter
I love tech & all, but I'm sick of this high price-point nonsense. Very few things I own are brand-new. Xbox One, a Bluetooth speaker, wireless earphones, my printer (laptop & iPod classic too technically, but they were gifts). Then about 15 things min that are 2nd hand

GamerMonkey_ 5 Mar 2019
Rumor: Disc-less One could be coming Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in early May Would you want console that has disk drive ?🤨 You would have to buy everything from Xbox digital store at full price Cant play games Friends lend you nor buy 2nd hand game

S4ri4 21 Feb 2019
Yes. Xbox 360 for Tales of Vesperia. Split the price with my bestie, tho, bc we both wanted to play the game. And only bought it after Xbox One came out and the price for the 360 dropped. Also, it was a 2nd-hand console /D

thisisdare 11 Jun 2013
Sony's has undercut the on price, 2nd hand gaming and it doesn't enforce a daily net check-in.

NanoSpartanJ 14 Sep 2016
I my setup I've got an xbox one, ps4 , 2nd hand pc but a very good one for the price I paid for it and astro a50 halo headset.

GlennZA 12 Jun 2013
Well, I don't trade or buy 2nd hand games, I am always online so Xbox One works for me :) Just price point!

GhostRider_UK 11 May 2016
@crwright78 The thing is you can get a 2nd hand 360 console & UA for the same price as an XboxOne new release! UA is worth it too

Adam_Kirk91 11 Jun 2013
me neither, but 24 hour check ins, no 2nd hand games market and price is mental for Xbox one!

jacquiez1 3 Aug 2012
Why are xbox hard drives so expensive?! You can get a 1TB drive for the same price as 250GB xbox one. Stupid! Anybody selling 2nd hand one?

3rdDwarf 5 Feb 2019
Bought an Xbox One S as the OG had been discontinued and was pretty much the same price 2nd hand. I don't really have the need for an X. Plus it came in a lovely teal colour.

FireCrotchCoral 24 Jul 2018
& I mean the PS4 pro isn’t a true 4k console when the X is.. the price difference is justified. I can get a 2nd hand A grade Xbox one x for £360 & a 2nd hand A grade pro for £310 - £50 is nothing when you consider the difference in performance & the 150+ enhanced games on the x

miggybaz 9 Dec 2017
I have noticed that a lot of the 2nd hand Xbox One games have all risen in price in Seems strange that they should do that this close to Christmas. Oh wait...... 😕

SimonClarke1995 26 Apr 2014
Hello, what is the current 2nd hand xbox one console price in store? Is it the same as website at£299.99? kind regards

m3rlin_ccc 23 May 2013
Are you sure we can resell games on Xbox One? You need to buy a pass at full price to install with a 2nd hand disc...

kingnoahlyG 8 Aug 2014
Someone is selling an Xbox One for $205.00 on the internet that is a very good price to be honest! But it is prob 2nd hand. But still good!

PatrickPitso 16 Nov 2016
If you're looking for cheap 1st or 2nd hand Games (half retail price), codes. Join this WhatsApp group

B0RN_A55ASSIN 29 Aug 2018
Since the announcement that COD MW2 is now backwards compatible on Xbox One it's price has gone mad. 9 years old and people asking for £15 2nd hand! Hoping I can find it in a bargain bin somewhere.

andeckvee 12 Nov 2016
Is Xbox one backwards compatibility allowing brick and mortar stores to price gouge people on old 2nd hand games? Anyone know their sales?

Denice_88 29 May 2016
What is a good price for an 2nd hand Xbox One controller, new in the package and never used?

PlightOfDragul 30 Jun 2015
I can buy a cheap 2nd hand car for this price for

NoConclusion79 9 Jun 2014
For a price of Xbox one and buy a few games, you can buy a 2nd hand car.

Dave_Igoe 15 Jun 2013
Could Microsoft balls the xbox one launch anymore? DRM on 2ND hand games, digital and hard games same price and xbox live ban then no games

GavinJSpencer 13 Jun 2013
Sorry you have lost me as a loyal fan of the XBOX wins on price, features, 2nd hand game playability& games library

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