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SPACEX SOUTH TEXAS LAUNCH SITE SpaceX is building the world’s first commercial launch site designed for orbital missions in the Boca Chica area of South Texas. The site’s southern, coastal location is uniquely optimized for orbital space launches from the continental United States – it is as close to the equator as possible, while remaining distanced from populated areas. SpaceX South Texas will be optimized for commercial launches, and will support launches of the Falcon 9 and Falcon
This map from the FAA Record of Decision approving SpaceX's spaceport plans shows the location of the proposed private launch site in Cameron County, Texas.
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VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, SPACE LAUNCH COMPLEX 4 EAST The site’s location on the California coastline provides customers with access to high inclination and polar orbits, | SpaceX
SpaceX Seeks Property Buyouts Near Starhopper Launch Site in Texas: Report
View the Space Launch Schedule of space rocket launches from launch sites around the world. Launch sites include Vandenberg Air Force Base California, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Kennedy Space Center and many more. Launches include SpaceX, NASA, CNSA, ISRO and NSAU.
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SpaceX landing site
SpaceX launch of a Falcon 9 Block 5 | Amos-17
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The Most Recognizable Structure in Every State (and How Much It Cost to Build)
NEW MEXICO: SPACEPORT AMERICA Launched in 2011, Spaceport America cost $219 million to build. Located in Truth or Consequences, the FAA-licensed launch complex is home to Virgin Galatic's WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo, as well as SpaceX's Falcon 9R. Visitors are welcome to tour the site with at least a 24-hour advance reservation.- Miami2you /
SpaceX employees with Crew Dragon before it departed our Hawthorne factory for the launch site in FL
CLICK for ZOOMED IMAGE - SpaceX employees with Crew Dragon before it departed our Hawthorne factory for the launch site in Florida – one step closer to returning human spaceflight capabilities to the United States!
Watch a SpaceX Falcon 9 take off from NASA's historic launch pad (updated)
Watch a SpaceX Falcon 9 take off from NASA's historic launch pad
#Mysterious #ROCKET seen at ex-US #naval base...
Intuitive Machines selects landing site for CLPS mission
WASHINGTON — Intuitive Machines has identified a landing site for a commercial lunar lander mission next year that will carry payloads from NASA and other customers. The Houston-based company announced April 13 that its IM-1 lander mission, scheduled for launch in October 2021, will touch down near a valley called Vallis Schröteri in Oceanus Procellarum, The post Intuitive Machines selects landing site for CLPS mission appeared first on Science Spies.
Blue Origin breaks ground on new facility to develop orbital rockets
Blue Origin breaks ground on new facility to develop orbital rockets In an email to Blue Origin fans this morning founder Jeff Bezos announced that the company broke ground on their orbital vehicle manufacturing site in Florida. At 750000 square feet the new custom-built facility is designed to be large enough to accommodate manufacturing processing integration and testing of orbital rockets. To put that size in perspective SpaceXs rocket facility in Hawthorne California is nearly one million square feet. Artist rendition of Blue Origin orbital rocket facility / Image courtesy of Blue Origin Bezos stated that the entirerocket would be manufactured in this facility with the exception of the rocket engines themselves. While the suborbital New Shepard vehicle uses Blue Origins BE-3 engine the orbital rocket will use aBE-4 engine currently under development at their 260000 square-foot facility in Kent Washington.The company isworkingwith the United Launch Alliance onBE-4development. Scheduled to be flight-ready in 2019 the new engine couldbe integrated on both theBlue Origin orbital vehicle and ULAs Vulcan rocket. When it comes time to ramp up development of the BE-4 engine Blue Origin will select a new location to build a larger facility. Initial BE-4 engine production will occur at our Kent facility while we conduct a site selection process later this year for a larger engine production facility to accommodate higher production rates. Jeff Bezos founder Blue Origin. Orbital launches are the next big step for Bezos rocket company. To date theyve focused on perfecting the suborbital rocket business with repeated launches (and landings) of the New Shepard vehicle. In fact this month Blue Origin continued to prove out their reusable rocket capability with the fourth launch and landing of a single New Shepard rocket and crew capsule. Recovered New Shepard rocket / Image courtesy of Blue Origin These suborbital launches are great for space tourism Bezos has stated that theyre working to bring humans into space as early as 2018 and even for conducting research in a weightless environment. However if Blue Origin wants to get into the larger market of launching satellites they need to develop an orbital rocket. Compared to suborbital launches orbital launches are much more difficult and require more power and technical complexity. Suborbital launches simply need to travel high enough to reach outer space (considered by many to be 100 kilometers or 62 miles above the Earth) and come back down to the ground. Orbital launches however must travel both high enough and fast enough laterally to maintain their orbit around the Earth. This will be Blue Origins next big challenge. Its exciting to see the bulldozers in actionwere clearing the way for the production of a reusable fleet of orbital vehicles that we will launch and land again and again. Jeff Bezos founder Blue Origin Birds eye view of Blue Origin manufacturing site / Image courtesy of Blue Origin/Aerial Innovations While the development of the orbital manufacturing facility is just getting started Bezos stated that it should be complete by December 2017. With the BE-4 engine slated for flight-readiness in 2019 we will hopefully get to witnessa Blue Origin orbital launch and perhaps an attempted landing in the not-too-distant future. Lets block ads! (Why?) - Repost from: techcrunch Post
SpaceX plans to launch a rocket every two weeks
SpaceX plans to launch a rocket every two weeks
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LAST TOWN BEFORE MARS: SpaceX's crucial plan to buy a village in South Texas is on the brink of failure - Lucy Nicholson/Reuters; SpaceX; Dave Mosher/Business Insider; Samantha Lee/Business Insider Elon Musk the founder of SpaceX is building a private spaceport at the southern tip of Texas but the location features a small neighborhood of retiree-age homeowners called Boca Chica Village. SpaceX is using the site to develop its next-generation rocket system called Starship. In late 2019 the co
Ona - Semi-Ghost - Ona was originally located at "Cowart's Corner" at the intersection of today's SR 64-A and CR661. In the 1880's Reason Cowart homesteaded this parcel of land and built a sawmill and country store there. A post office was established on October 11, 1897 and was located within the country store.,_Florida
NASA Finds India’s Vikram Moon Lander Crash Site, With Amateur’s Help - The New York Times
The Longjiang-2 satellite was launched to the Moon along with the Queqiao communications satellite on 20 May 2018 by the China National Space Agency (CNSA). A team led by Daniel Estévez estimated that the small spacecraft impacted somewhere within Van Gent crater. Through a careful comparison of pre-existing NAC images, the LROC team was able to locate a new impact crater, a distance of only 328 meters from the estimated site!
boca chica beach space x - Aug. 17, 2014 news article about site prep
June 8, 2007. Space Shuttle Atlantis is a small tip on the trailing column of fire and smoke after launching on its journey to the International Space Station on mission STS-117. Liftoff from Launch Pad 39A was on-time at 7:38:04 pm (EDT). Wide angle view allows you to spot the famous countdown clock at the bottom of the frame. This is where we called a 'Press Site' being located 3.2 miles from the Pad 39A - Photographer Jean AirTeam Images
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