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. is growing! 💪 Hiring a Launch Logistics Specialist (Cape Canaveral)

tedr 28 Oct 2016 shared via Twitter
Had a quick visit from my sister & nephew. So stoked for him. He hustled an internship into a full-time role as a Launch Specialist!

will launch astronauts Michael S. Hopkins 🇺🇸(Commander), Victor J. Glover 🇺🇸 (Joint Operations Commander), Soichi Noguchi 🇯🇵 (Mission Specialist 1) and Shannon Walker 🇺🇸 (Mission Specialist 2) on the first fully operational mission. Named "Crew-1", in 2020.

Logistics Specialist: McGregor, TX, United States Spacex LOGISTICS SPECIALIST Logistics

tedr 25 Jun 2017
. launch from Vanderberg AFB (where my nephew is a launch specialist!) in < 15 minutes.

BranshawThe May 27
I am so excited for today’s launch. I attended Soace Camp in 84, and was a mission specialist on the Challenger. Today the whole world goes back to space from the US! Reach for the stars boys!

excelpersonnel 24 Aug 2017

LadyRocketSpace 20 Dec 2018
Where is ? Here with specialist giving them our recognition award after my visits in and Polish In another and

Astro_Zach 3 Mar 2019
I’m a Web Developer, media specialist, & photographer. I have a passion for space & rocketry. Thanks for choosing me for the launch.

benedictadv 18 Sep 2014
Our Social Media Specialist, Franklyn, is on-site at covering the launch.

astronaia May 22
Can’t believe the NASA/SpaceX Demo-2 Launch is less than a week away! It’s got me so excited and dreamy about the future of human spaceflight and when it’ll be my turn to make history as a mission specialist astronaut 💜 what the most exciting part about the Demo-2 lunch for you?

NASA Specialist Acknowledges ‘SpaceX Will Land On Mars First,’ Before Planned 2020 Rover Launch For full story, click here⬇️

I applied to SpaceX for a Launch logistics Specialist position. Can you help me out? 🙂

s_dacal 10 Nov 2019
INVENTORY SPECIALIST (2ND SHIFT) Cape Canaveral,FL, United States PS:Very good! LAUNCH LOGISTICS SPECIALIST Cape Canaveral,FL, United States MATERIAL HANDLER Cape Canaveral,FL, United States SPACEX THANK YOU FOR APPLYING! Twenty One Pilots:Stressed Out

renojoko 5 Aug 2019
Launch logistics Specialist - SpaceX | jobskarier Department of State. Perform De-kitting operations and own the Return to Stock Process. SpaceX was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is out…

bftgpod 24 Apr 2019
Five jobs I’ve had: 1. Assistant manager at Little Caesar’s 2. AAA road side dispatcher 3. US Marine 4. Sheriffs Deputy assigned to Jail 5. Logistics Specialist for Spacex

KADorgan 27 Feb 2019
Since childhood, I've wanted to go into Space (not in the same way I want to Write). Then I saw that SpaceX is preparing the "Dragon Crew" launch... NOOO!!!! I'm meant to be a member of the Dragon Crew! Dr. Dorgan, Communication Specialist, Dragon Crew. Call me, SpaceX.

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