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Michael Grimes Wall Streets Silicon Valley whisperer says direct listings are absolutely more efficient than IPOs
SpaceX Launch of Falcon Heavy 2018 painting canvas print
SpaceX Launch of Falcon Heavy 2018 painting canvas print
Photos: SpaceX kicks off the week with Falcon 9 launch and landing – Spaceflight Now
NASA Astronauts will pilot SpaceX’s Crew Dragon manually to test the feature
Featured Image Source: NASA SpaceX will perform its first crewed launch in a couple of weeks. On May 27th at around 4:32 p.m. EDT, a Falcon 9 rocket sporting NASA’s retro ‘worm’ logo, will lift off from historic Launch Pad 39A at the Ke...
SpaceX to Bring Crew to Short-Staffed Space Station for Longer Stay - The New York Times - Once the May 2020 Demo-2 is complete, and the SpaceX and NASA teams have reviewed all the data for certification, SpaceX will launch Crew Dragon’s first six-month operational mission (Crew-1) later in 2020.
Falcon 9 and Dragon Launching to Space Station
Why did last week's SpaceX launch look so strange? — Popular Science
Why did last week's SpaceX launch look so strange?
SpaceX set a new internal record pace for time between blastoffs of their workhorse Falcon 9 rocket with Monday’s spectacular dusky liftoff of Turkmenistan’s first satellite into heavily overcast skies that has cleared the path ahead for a busy manifest of critical flights starting with a critical pad abort test for NASA just a week … Continue reading "Spectacular 5th SpaceX Launch in 2015 Sets Record Pace, Clears Path for Critical Flights Ahead"
🚀 Welcome to the weekly column 🚀 ---NEWS YOU CAN USE--- This week, SpaceX launched an electric car – Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster –into space. This is the first car ever launched into space. Of course, it won't actually drive anywhere. The plan is that it will get close to Mars, from within a huge rocket ship. This is just part of a publicity campaign for the new car. However, this launching has received harsh criticism from many scientists, who say that Musk is polluting space. While we won't get involved in this debate, let's take this opportunity to look at the word שִׁיגוּר (shigur) which means launch, launching . The source for this modern word and concept actually comes from the Bible. Who knew that launching things into space was Biblical?! Let's read the following verse: בָּרוּךְ פְּרִי בִטְנְךָ וּפְרִי אַדְמָתְךָ וּפְרִי בְהֶמְתֶּךָ שְׁגַר אֲלָפֶיךָ וְעַשְׁתְּרוֹת צֹאנֶךָ baruch pri vitnecha ufri admatecha ufri vehemtecha shgar alafecha ve'ashterot tsonecha Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the young of thy flock (Deuteronomy 28:4) This verse contains the blessing for the birth of children, agricultural produce, and birth of livestock. It says that the cattle's שְׁגַר (shgar) will also be blessed. The word shgar refers to the cattle's babies. Anyone who has ever seen a cow give birth, knows that the calf comes out very quickly and almost looks like it is being launched out. Since we're talking about launching things.... We'll mention that the word טִיל (til) rocket also comes from the Bible. Let's look at the following verse: וַיהוָה הֵטִיל רוּחַ גְּדוֹלָה אֶל הַיָּם וַיְהִי סַעַר גָּדוֹל בַּיָּם וְהָאֳנִיָּה חִשְּׁבָה לְהִשָּׁבֵר vaAdonay hetil ru'ach gdola el hayam vayehi sa'ar gadol bayam veha'oniyah chishva lehishaver But the LORD hurled a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken (Jonah 1:4) As the translation of the verse says, it is as if God hurled the wind at the sea to create the storm. The word הֵטִיל (hetil) expresses a strong throwing, or hurling. This is like what is done with a rocket – it is "hurled" into space. The revivers of the Hebrew language were inspired by these Biblical descriptions and developed the modern words: שִׁיגוּר (shigur) launching and טִיל (til) rocket. Cool, no?
Photographer’s Incredible Shot of the Space X Falcon Heavy Launch Goes Viral
Professional photographer Brady Kenniston has been through a whirlwind over the past few weeks, ever since his incredible photographs of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch went viral. The 22-year-old photographer, who primarily makes a living shooting portraits, weddings, and local sporting events, hasn’t missed a SpaceX launch since 2015. Little did he know that a few years later, Elon Musk himself would be retweeting his photographs.
NASA Commercial Crew on Twitter
ULA had a vision for $2.7 trillion space industry by 2045 which would be an expansion by eight times from the $330 billion industry today. The accelerated pace of SpaceX launch vehicles will accelerate space mining, high-speed internet satellites and space-based solar power and the development of a massive space industry. SpaceX already has the Falcon Heavy flying years head of ULA Vulcan rocket or its Space Launch System. SpaceX and its fully reusable BFR will accelerate the development of near-earth asteroid mining and space-based solar power. Bank of America wrote a 101 page report on the future of the
NASA and SpaceX are now less than two weeks from a historic crew launch
Next SpaceX launch will bring critical docking adapter to International Space Station
Next SpaceX launch will bring critical docking adapter to International Space Station
SpaceX makes history by successfully re-launching an orbital rocket for the first time
SpaceX makes history by successfully re-launching an orbital rocket for the first time
Singed and sooty, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket still looked brilliant Monday
Beautiful photos from the #SpaceX launch earlier this week. "...the company is delivering on its promise of reusable spaceflight with its new Block 5 variant of the Falcon 9 rocket." #SpaceFlight #Falcon9 #Wowza
Photos: SpaceX kicks off the week with Falcon 9 launch and landing – Spaceflight Now
SpaceX Launch Aims to Highlight Advances
If Elon Musk’s SpaceX racks up another successful rocket launch this week, the blastoff could go a long way toward convincing critics that the company has recovered from a pair of explosions in 2015 and 2016. // SpaceX Launch Aims to Highlight Advances -- Unmanned Falcon 9 mission set for Monday is part of firm’s plan to increase back-to-back launches
'The SpaceX Starman Leaving Earth Behind' Poster by bobbooo
SpaceX's Starman Leaving Earth Behind Poster
Watch SpaceX Launch Its Third Rocket in Two Weeks — WIRED
Watch SpaceX Launch Its Third Rocket in 10 Days
Elon Musk: SpaceX rocket explosion is 'most difficult' failure in 14 years
Huge chain of explosions taking place that destroyed Space x's Falcon 9 rocket last week. Elon Musk is working on the falcon fireball investigation Musk is still trying figure out the reasoning behind the unexpected explosion.
The US Senate passed pending bill that would fund the US government through Feb. 8 and reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years. This will be passed by the House and signed by Trump by this evening. This will clear the way for the SpaceX Heavy static fire test later this week.

SPACEdotcom May 23 shared via Twitter
Astronauts perform one last dress rehearsal for big SpaceX launch next week

5000CPMagikarp 40 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Hell, even last week they said it was only a 60% chance of launch. That's low enough to not be surprised by an abort

lcagee May 20 shared via Twitter
Launch is only a week away! December 1972 was the last non shuttle manned launch from the US.

WFPlanetarium May 20 shared via Twitter
One week from today astronauts launch from U.S. soil for the first time since the last Space Shuttle launch in 2011! to Provide Coverage of Commercial Crew Test Flight with Astronauts

darkjournalist 2 hours ago shared via Twitter
The Countdown begin but what about the real Space Program that's operated in obscurity for 50 years since we last went to the moon...?

HerbScribner 8 hours ago
Reupping this piece I wrote. We’re sending humans to space today, and it’s going to be a lot different than last time. A look at what to expect from the SpaceX launch >>

kavitham 5 hours ago
Both ⁦⁩, ⁦⁩ are charged with the task of shuttling astronauts to and from the ISS, freeing NASA up to focus on crewed missions to the and to ! The last crewed mission by ⁦⁩ was in 2011

bradblanks 4 hours ago
As the launch approaches in a few hours Astronaut Mike Massimino () tells me about the last moments he had up in space 11 years ago this week. It involves the movie Nacho Libre, and thunderstorms over Australia

jayeskenazi May 21
that's flat out wrong. almost every single article about is extremely negative - see the NYT and Atlantic pieces in the last 48 hours. And see how many positive stories there will be about the upcoming launch to the intl space station next week...

Wewoka3 21 hours ago
Gone are the days of the Astronauts being given Corvettes... Now they're driving a Tesla Model X! 🙄Astronauts perform one last dress rehearsal for big SpaceX launch next week

Florida_Today May 25
NASA and SpaceX onMonday completed the last review ahead of this week's launch of astronauts from Kennedy Space Center, giving the "go" to proceed.

pedrowavespaulo 9 hours ago
Looking forward to this evening's launch . Last week, I've watched the JAXA HTV-9 launch and learned that's now possible to perform confocal fluorescence microscopy . But, of course you can always opt for our facilities

JLHomni May 23
I live w/ a 4x high risk loved one, so I would be lying if I didn't say I was a nervous going to our community gym for the first time last night. Or that I'm still worried about going w/ a few of my futurist friends to the historic SpaceX launch next week but LIFE has to move on.

ItsMeganAsteria 19 hours ago
Thanks y’all for all the love this last week ❤️ y’all have been so supportive and amazing in my streams ❤️ IRL stream tomorrow LIVE from cape Canaveral for the SpaceX launch!

teleute00 May 21
good lord....I totally missed this last week somehow... "the resignation was spurred when Mr Loverro broke a rule during NASA's procurement of spacecraft capable of landing humans on the moon"

EsverStella 2 hours ago
Daddy's Birthday Week <cont.> Daddy anxiously awaiting launch of SpaceX at 1:30PST on C-span2. He had the honor of working on the launching pad (materials selection) at Cape Canaveral for his last field assignment in 1992/93. He has fond memories.

watching your live TV feed from a back garden in West London as you approach us. Saw you pass over last night, and hoping for another glimpse, but a bit of cloud cover atm; & wishing all the best for this week's launch. Wave as you go past.

OP66209058 May 26
The launch is at 11:33pm GMT+3 (Finland) for me not the best but I got permission from my parents school tomorrow but who cares about school when it's the last week

Space Station receives the last of NASA's science racks after 19 years - Engadget: * Space Station receives the last of NASA's science racks after 19 years  Engadget * SpaceX plans to launch two astronauts to the International Space Station this week …

CaptMarkKelly May 24
Space shuttle Atlantis launched from Kennedy Space Center in July 2011 — the last time we sent astronauts to the from U.S. soil. This week, NASA will make history with the launch of ’s Crew Dragon with and .

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