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SpaceX Dragon spacecraft - SpaceX is developing a family of launch vehicles intended to reduce the cost and increase the reliability of access to space ultimately by a factor of ten. Their design and manufacturing facilities are located in Southern California, near the Los Angeles airport, and their propulsion development and structural test facilities are located in Central Texas.
Instagram post by NASA • Apr 12, 2016 at 9:58pm UTC
The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft, which launched April 8, approaches to be grappled by the International Space Station (@ISS) crew on April 10, when the spacecraft was captured and bolted to the orbiting complex. This view is from the Cupola where the primary controls of the Canadarm 2 are located. Crew members use the robotic arm to grapple the spaceship before berthing it to the Earth-facing port on the Harmony module. The spacecraft delivered about 7,000 pounds of science and research invest...
At left: SpaceX's Dragon space capsule soars over Earth in a camera view from its Falcon 9 rocket upper stage after a smooth launch on April 14, 2015. Right: A camera on Dragon shows its solar arrays unfold. Dragon may be visible in the night sky depending on your weather conditions and location.
On Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 8 and 9), the unmanned Dragon capsule and the space station will be visible as separate entities, appearing as "stars" sailing across the evening’s twilight sky. On Wednesday (Oct. 10) at 6:32 a.m. CDT, the station's robotic arm will grapple Dragon and attach it to a connecting port. So by Wednesday evening, both spacecraft will appear as a single bright moving "star." Click to find a viewing schedule for your location. #ISS #Dragon #SpaceX #NASA
After a rare power issue discovered at the last minute on the Dragon cargo capsule a few days ago while preparing to launch, the take-off was delayed until Saturday, May 4th. This time, SpaceX has successfully launched the cargo with a bunch of supplies for the astronomers located at...
The body of a spent Chinese rocket became the largest piece of space junk in decades to fall, uncontrolled, back towards Earth on Monday. On May 5, a Long March 5B rocket launched a prototype crew capsule resembling a SpaceX Crew Dragon to orbit for a test. After almost a week orbiting the Earth, the […]
Liftoff of SpaceX's In-Flight Abort Test
Liftoff of SpaceX's In-Flight Abort Test SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center at 10:30 a.m. EST on Jan. 19 2020.
Guide to the best viewing locations along Florida's Space Coast for the planned Jan. 6, 2015 launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket under NASA's CRS program.
SAGE III to Look Back at Earth's Atmospheric 'Sunscreen’
SAGE III checked out at NASA's Langley Research Center -- On the upcoming SpaceX CRS-10 resupply mission to the International Space Station, a Dragon spacecraft will deliver the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE) III instrument to further study ozone in the atmosphere.
rockets, space and science🌌 on Instagram: “SpaceX manufactures the Falcon 9 rocket at their facility in Hawthorne, California. Although, the majority of their rockets launch in Cape…”
rockets, space and science🌌さんはInstagramを利用しています:「SpaceX manufactures the Falcon 9 rocket at their facility in Hawthorne, California. Although, the majority of their rockets launch in Cape…」
SpaceX's predawn launch of a Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon cargo ship from Cape Canveral, Florida on Saturday, Jan. 10, may be visible to skywatchers along the U.S. East Coast. Liftoff is at 4:47 a.m. EST, but visibility is dependent on location and weather
Why SpaceX Is Changing Its Rocket Landing Location – TechCrunch
Why SpaceX Is Changing Its Rocket Landing Location | TechCrunch
Space and Earth
Ona - Semi-Ghost - Ona was originally located at "Cowart's Corner" at the intersection of today's SR 64-A and CR661. In the 1880's Reason Cowart homesteaded this parcel of land and built a sawmill and country store there. A post office was established on October 11, 1897 and was located within the country store.,_Florida
SpaceX Augments and Upgrades Drone Ship Armada
SpaceX on Twitter
SpaceX on Twitter: "Falcon 9’s 75th launch sends Dragon to the @space_station with critical supplies… "
SpaceX Upgrading its fleet
SpaceX plans to launch a rocket every two weeks
SpaceX plans to launch a rocket every two weeks
Elon Musk has officially requested permission from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to launch a 4000 strong flotilla of satellites into orbit.
Sending people back out there
Blastoff! How to See a Rocket Launch In Person This Summer (or next summer...)
NASA Space X Falcon 9 CRS15 Dragon Launch #NASAsocial Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral Florida
SpaceX launch of a Falcon 9 Block 5 | Amos-17
The Adventures of Starman - Comic Special
Adventures of Starman! Live website with updated location data of the Tesla Roadster in orbit.

GoStargazing May 27 shared via Twitter
is predicting the capsule will be visible from the UK between 21:50 to 21:58 tonight presuming the launch takes place at 21:33. (UK times). Where it will appear in the sky is determined by your observing location... Clear skies!

sas_ie 2 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
Wonderful to watch the webcast of the successful Dragon launch from Pad 39A and remember being in those very locations only four months ago on the fantastic trip. Fingers crossed for a straightforward docking w

MDCARRL Mar 1 shared via Twitter
Next Launch: Friday, March 6th @ 11:50 PM ET Vehicle: SpaceX CRS-20 Cargo to ISS Description: SpaceX Dragon on Falcon 9 Location: Space Launch Complex 40, CCAFS Florida Mission: Deliver NASA science investigations, supplies & equipment.

sas_ie 2 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
Wonderful to watch the webcast of the successful Dragon launch from Pad 39A and remember being in those very locations only four months ago on the fantastic trip. Fingers crossed for a straightforward docking w

_TomCross_ 8 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
A couple of rem-cam images from the North Side of the launch pad. SpaceX usually doesn’t have this location available. It’s nice for a change.

Khanoisseur 25 Dec 2018
3. The SpaceX launch bore the most powerful and secure GPS satellite (constructed by Lockheed) ever built. Location accuracy to within 18 inches would be huge for military applications and for autonomous vehicles.

AstronautAbby 22 Aug 2017
Déjà vu...I'm back at launch pad 39A...just visited this historic location a few weeks back with and back today

jeff_foust 30 Jan 2012
A "launch and landing complex" MT : New sign at VAFB marks location where we'll make history w/Falcon Heavy.

DailyPlanet 6 Feb 2018
Are you watching today's launch from today?! @dailyplanetshow is on location at , tweeting updates LIVE to you! Tweet along with us starting at 1:30 pm EDT!

ExploreSpaceKSC 20 Feb 2019
Launch Reminder 🚀 SpaceX is targeting tomorrow, Feb. 21 at 8:45 p.m. for the Nusantara Satu launch from SLC-40. Launch viewing opportunities are still available for purchase at the Apollo/Saturn V Center location. Buy yours now: .

ExploreSpaceKSC 14 Dec 2018
Join us for launch viewing of ’s GPS III SV01 mission on Dec. 18 at 9:11 a.m. at the following locations: LC-39 Observation Gantry: Additional $49 Apollo/Saturn V Center: Additional $20 Main Visitor Complex: Included with admission Buy here:

murphree_kim 21 Feb 2019
Watch the SpaceX launch live in from your location or from the coast in just a few minutes! 321 LAUNCH app by USA TODAY. Get the app 👉

geoworldmedia 23 Dec 2018
The roar of Falcon 9 is about to start! Catch the streaming of GPSIII launch on our YouTube channel now! 👉

CourtOConnor 4 Aug 2014
Not mad about my remote viewing location for tonight's launch.

RepFilemonVela 4 Aug 2014
Today, announced Boca Chica Beach as the location for their permanent rocket launch facility

chamath 18 Jan 2019
Location! Location! Location! achieved a major milestone this week: US Air Force awarded us a launch pad (LC-16) at Cape Canaveral. Only three other companies to have done so before us: SpaceX, United Launch and Blue Origin Onwards!

WordsmithFL 1 Sep 2016
OK, here's the webcast of the last launch. Now that we have a detonation point, look for location on this.

WandrMe 11 Jan 2019
Quick cut of the launch from the media viewing location. Always an amazing experience.

USATODAY 2 Jan 2018
SpaceX leases new Cape Canaveral location for Dragon capsules.

5wa 22 Feb 2013
Sun location for Launch for CRS-2, 1 Mar 10:10a

SpaceX 24 May 2012
has started the trip flying around the space station, returning the spacecraft to its original approach location

WinObs 6 Aug 2018
Untouched First and Second Stage burns from tonight's launch. My location just in front of my house about 120 miles away from the Cape Canaveral launch site.

Consensys_Space 13 Apr 2015
At launch viewing site with a double take of pointing to current location.

NASASpaceflight 25 Jun 2018
It’s too hot, so I decided to scout out SpaceX’s UK Eastern Range Earth-to-Earth BFR launch and landing ship location set to serve Yorkshire with 30 minute commutes to KSC. turns up in fancy dress 😀

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