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A Makeup and Hair Look I Might Steal From Rashida Jones
A Makeup and Hair Look I Might Steal From Rashida Jones | Glamour
Rashida Jones poster
Rashida Jones Poster - Rashida Jones Print
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Rashida Jones: Actress, Writer and Friend of Michael Jackson
Rashida Jones' Life Advice Will Inspire You to Stay True to Yourself
Rashida Jones' Life Advice Will Inspire You to Stay True to Yourself goodhousemag
Rashida and her sister Kidada were featured in "Sassy's" February 1992 issue.
Rashida and her sister Kidada were featured in "Sassy's" February 1992 issue
Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones | Proof That Bangs Can Totally Change Your Face
17 years ago today, Aaliyah attended Centerone’s American Red Ribbon Awards at Sheraton Bal Harbour Beach Resoort in Miami Beach, FL ❤️ along with Kidada Jones, Rashida Jones, and other friends.
Rashida Jones | Guest DJ Project
The daughter of legendary record producer Quincy Jones, it's no wonder actress/screenwriter Rashida Jones is influenced by artists like Michael Jackson and Miles Davis. Throw in a few surprises from Radiohead and Sunny Levine and you've got quite the Guest DJ set. Check it out at kcrw.com/guestdj.
Michael Jackson, Grease and an Artsy Childhood: Rashida Jones Recalls 70s L.A. for Google Play
Michael Jackson, Grease and an Artsy Childhood: Rashida Jones Recalls 70s L.A. for Google Play - Video - Creativity Online
Rashida Jones Stars In The Best Photos All Week
rashida jones x band of outsiders
“ China Chow, Gwen Stefani, Kidada Jones, Aaliyah and Rashida Jones attend The Fifth Annual Race to Erase MS at the Century Plaza Hotel on November 14, 1997 in New York City. Photo by Patrick...
Rashida Jones: ‘I Got Attacked By Bubbles,’ Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee
Jack Cunningham has animated the latest in the _California Inspires Me_ series, and it’s Rashida Jones’ turn to wax lyrical on life in the golden state. It’s a great story, covering friendship with Michael Jackson, being a _Grease_ and _Saturday Night Live_ -obsessed nerd and wanting to be a judge; going against your creative, hippie upbringing and defying the NoCal/SoCal divide.
5 things we learned from that Jaden and Willow Smith interview
*-* You might think that Rashida Jones would have found it difficult to step out from the shadow of her dad, Quincy Jones, the legendary music producer behind such acts as Ray Charles and Michael Jackson. But the actress has charted her own course, starring in TV series such as "Boston Public" and "Parks and Recreation" in addition to the movies "I Love You, Man" and "The Social Network." Maybe she got the acting bug from her mom, Peggy Lipton, of "The Mod Squad" and "Twin Peaks" fame.
shialablunt: “ Aaliyah, Kidada & Rashida Jones, Peggy Lipton & Liza Minnelli ”
rashida jones sassy magazine
Eclectic Vibes
Quincy Jones with wife, actress Peggy Lipton of the television show Mod Square fame, and their daughter Kidada poolside at their California home. Photos by Moneta Sleet Jr.
Dynamic Duos: 15 Hollywood Dads and Their Famous Kids
RASHIDA AND QUINCY JONES "People always ask, 'What's it like having those parents?' And I'm like, 'Well, what's it like not to have those parents?'" Rashida Jones told Entertainment Weekly recently. The star of The Office grew up in a household frequented by A-list celebs thanks to her dad, music producer Quincy Jones. "I mean, Michael Jackson and Steven Spielberg came over all the time, and I can understand from the outside it seems really weird, but I didn't know any other way."
Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan at Cirque du Soleils Michael Jackson premiere
How To Wear Stripes When You're SO Sick Of Stripes
Rashida Jones For Band Of Outsiders
Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson: Michael can go out and perform before 90,000 people, but I ask him to sing for me, I have to sit on the couch with my hands over my eyes and he goes behind the couch. He is amazingly shy. What people forget about him is that for the first time, probably in the history of music a black artist is embraced on a global level by everyone from eight to 80 years old. People all over the world , especially young people have a black man as an idol.
Cardi joins Janet and Naomi at Clive Davis pre-Grammy bash
Jack Cunningham: Rashida Jones – California Inspires Me

Ms_Toni 13 Oct 2011 shared via Twitter
The Drive-By Shenanigans of Rashida Jones & Michael Jackson |

TheWrap 13 Oct 2011 shared via Twitter
Rashida Jones: Michael Jackson, Emmanuel Lewis and I Committed Super Soaker Drive-By

MoneyTrain 4 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter
Michael Jackson, Grease & an Artsy Childhood: Rashida Jones Recalls 70s L.A. for Google Play

90sIdris 5 Dec 2012 shared via Twitter
'Parks and Recreation' season 5: Rashida Jones talks Michael Jackson, pranks: Rashida Jones clearly has a rather...

usweekly 11 Apr 2017 shared via Twitter
Rashida Jones recalls that time Michael Jackson's chimpanzee, Bubbles, bit her:

MaggieEHall 12 Oct 2011
^_^ Young Rashida Jones + Michael Jackson + Webster + Supersoakers = awesome

thisisteddy 14 Oct 2011
Hilarious story. Rashida Jones, Michael Jackson & Emmanuel Lewis pulling pranks

michaelupdater 20 Oct 2011
Rashida Jones Reveals the Prank She Played with Michael Jackson - Rashida Jones experienced many perks...

BlackBlogLinks 13 Oct 2011
Rashida Jones & Michael Jackson’s Drive-By Shenanigans: Picture this: You’re stan...

AfricaNewsPress 24 Nov 2016
Rashida Jones attacked by Michael Jackson’s chimp: Rashida Jones still has a scar from being bitten by Michael…

RainyDayCo 24 Nov 2016
Rashida Jones Reveals Being Bitten By Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s Pet Monkey [Video] Rashida Jones Tried To Pull A Michael Jackson And Bub…

posmike 4 Mar 2013
Rashida Jones ()Talks Michael Jackson And Her 'Parks And Rec' Improv:

AriGonzoAri 29 Aug 2012
Confirmed by Rashida Jones: Michael Jackson is a zombie RT : Happy Birthday MJ. You live forever.

DidJennaTellYa 16 Apr 2012
Rashida Jones + Michael Jackson + Webster = best Plead the 5th answer ever

tweettheoracle 13 Oct 2011
Rashida Jones: 'Michael Jackson Was An Alien' | Radar Online: By Radar Staff Michael Jackson was "an alien", acc...

exodian123 13 Oct 2011
Rashida Jones: Michael Jackson Was Like an Alien: Rashida Jones experienced many perks growing up the daughter o...

celebrity_24 13 Oct 2011
Michael Jackson was “an alien”, according to Rashida Jones: Michael Jackson was “an alien”, according to Quincy ...

brenna1009 13 Oct 2011
Big fan of Rashida Jones: RT : Rashida Jones calls Michael Jackson an alien. ?

odessaogatlin 13 Oct 2011
Rashida Jones Says Michael Jackson Was ‘A Bit Of An Alien ’ Michael Jackson was definitely his own man but according to Rashida Jones

News247_co 13 Oct 2011
News: Rashida Jones: Michael Jackson Was Like an Alien - The Daily Blabber from iVillage

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