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Like Mother, Like Daughter: Rashida Jones & Peggy Lipton
Like Mother, Like Daughter: Rashida Jones & Peggy Lipton
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Rashida Jones In the early aughts, the lovely and talented Rashida Jones fell victim to the siren call of the blush/bronzer duo.
Quincy's wife and Rashida Jones' mother Peggy Lipton. 1968.
Rashida Jones: the younger daughter of Quincy Jones, a musician who became a media mogul and producer, and Peggy Lipton, an actress noted for her role on the TV series The Mod Squad. Her father is African American, with ancestry including Welsh. Her mother is Ashkenazi Jewish (a descendant of immigrants from Russia and Latvia).
Peggy Lipton & Rashida Jones #mothersday
Like Mother, Like Daughter: 11 Famous Moms And Their Celebrity Offspring
Peggy Lipton & Rashida Jones
Peggy Lipton & daughter, Rashida Jones
Peggy Lipton and Rashida Jones
Peggy Lipton and daughter Rashida Jones
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Jay-Z; Rashida Jones; Kanye West; Justin Bieber; Kid Cudi; Tyler, The Creator; and Aziz Ansari:
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Peggy Lipton and Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones: I’m Finally OK With Not Having A Husband Or Kids At 37
Rashida Jones: I’m Finally OK With Not Having A Husband Or Kids At 37. Ladies, I applaud her and I think we should all take in prospective what she's saying here. MORE TO BE DISCUSSED ON MY UPCOMING BLOG, MARCH 1ST!
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Celeb Beauty Quotes We Can All Relate To: Rashida Jones
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Famous mothers and daughters - Peggy Lipton and Rashida Jones
Kristin Chenoweth, Darren Criss, Lena Dunham and Rashida Jones visit HAMILTON! #pinoftheday
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Famous Mom: Peggy Lipton Daughter: Actress Rashida Jones Father: Quincy Jones
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Rashida Jones at the Oscars 2017
Parks and Recreation (2009)

PigsAndPlans Apr 17 shared via Twitter
Kid Cudi previewed new music on IG Live last night with Rashida Jones. He said his album 'Entergalactic' is coming summer 2021. This song is called ‘Do What I Want' and contains a perfect Stephen A. Smith sample.

HuffPoSpoilers 18 Feb 2014 shared via Twitter
That she's not married, doesn't have kids MT What took "a long time" to "be OK with"

empowereddina 2 Feb 2017 shared via Twitter
Rashida Jones Explains:Talk to Your Kids About Pornography Thank you 4 starting the conversation

miss_moss 15 Apr 2014 shared via Twitter
Rashida Jones talks about teens, selfies and the pressure these kids feel to be "sexy" - exactly my thoughts:

MJ_fans_unite 14 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Nobody questions Rashida Jones' ethnicity. Halsey. Wentworth Miller. Mariah Carey. Vin Diesel. Derek Jeter. Gabrielle Reece. Troian Bellisario. Pete Wentz. Keanu Reeves. Cameron Diaz. Cash Warren. I could go on. So leave MJ's kids alone. 👍👍.

iamrashidajones 11 Oct 2016
FYI this respectful and clever Trump supporter's bio says "love being a dad". Poor kids.

dsrbroadway May 24
Kenya Barris and the amazing Rashida Jones are written as terribly self-absorbed most of the time, and most of the kids are one-note until the final two final episodes, it's hard to relate to these characters as an actual family most of the time.

iamrashidajones 19 Oct 2016
"Uncle Cheeto, we don't say Gyna in front of the kids or call women names. Ur gonna have to leave & never come back, ur a very bad hombre."

GlaunerLisa Mar 10
I got my RSVP in! can't wait to talk about this movie it is hands down one of the best kids ones i have seen in a while! Cant wait to share with kiddos that didnt get to go in the cinema with us!

cannabxtches 21 Dec 2019
Also black people adopt people too? If you were worried about it not looking real if they had a darkskin kid you could always make it so they were adopted?

Daniel Craig in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.

jbwithcelebs 25 Mar 2015
Justin with Jay-Z, Rashida Jones, Kanye West, Tyler The Creator, Aziz Ansari, and Kid Cudi

Benedict Bear takes his worker bees for granted--until they refuse to deliver honey & go on strike! 1st-3rd kids join for the tale of a bear who learns that respect, community & cooperation mean a sweet ending for everyone!

LockdownInsoles 3 Dec 2019
Sana, I'm supremely disappointed none of your followers mentioned "Celeste and Jesse Forever", co-written by and starring . As a boring dad who's into sports, politics, raising kids, etc., I've seen MANY of these but this one is in a corner by itself. Not lying!

sabo_uno 22 Dec 2019
Forget the kids it’s about the title👏🏽Dude you named the show Black Excellence, and yet pretty much the whole cast is half black. How’d you expect us to react🤦🏾‍♀️😂

itsMeBennyB 16 Nov 2019
And it gets bonus points for the character of Alva, played by . She perfectly captured the essence of a teacher’s heart for kids and education. I saw so much similarity between her character and , who teared up a few times. 😢🍎👩‍🏫

akilah 7 Jan 2016
The dream of the '90s is alive in this Rashida Jones music video: Only true '90s kids will understand Rashida Jones

WinBribach Feb 15
Christian Bale (as a kid) in Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V.

JPaulo645 21 Dec 2019
But the father is black tho, Raising Dion is fine. Dion is black, Michael B Jordan is black, her auntie is Black and his mom still black (even if mixed). It's ok, I'm not feel bad about this show, he's still a black kid superhero.

smalltownfeel May 27
My friend named her son Tooty because her last name is Fruity and she liked the rhyme. She was worried other kids might make fun of him for it, so she opted for a more conventional middle name to potentially serve as a go-to nickname. His full name is Tooty Rashida Jones Fruity.

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