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Famous Epithets In The World Famous Epithets In The World What city is known as The worlds chocolate capital: Hershey Pennsylvania Which countries name translates as land of the free- Thailand The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is Bhutan Rome is also known as City of Seven Hills. Penang is called the Pearl of East. Sandwich Island is called to Hawaii Island. Detroit is known as the Motor City. Britain of south is called to New Zealand. Buffer state of Asia is called to Afghanistan. Cockpit of Europe is called to Belgium. Crossroad of Western Europe is called to Belgium. Emerald Island is called to Ireland. Flower garden to Europe is called to Netherlands. Gift of Nile is called of Egypt. Great Britain of the Pacific is called to Japan. Island continent is called to Australia. Horn of Africa is called to Somalia. Key to Mediterranean is called to Gibraltar. Land of contrasts is called to Colombia. Land of free people is called to Thailand. Land of fertile fields is called to Algeria. Land of golden fiber is called to Bangladesh. Land of midnight sun is called to Norway. Land of milk and honey is called to Lebanon. Land of morning calm is called to Korea. Land of mighty rivers is called to Nigeria. Land of mountain is called to Nepal. Land of rising sun is called to Japan. Land of Thousand Island is called to Indonesia. Land of pure people is called to Pakistan. Land of white elephant is called to Thailand. Pillars of Hercules is called to Gibraltar. Playground of Europe is called to Switzerland. Remnant of mighty empire is called to Austria. Sorrow of china is called to Hawang Hoo. Switzerland of Africa is called to Swaziland. Site of Ancient Civilization is called to Iraq. Whitemans Grave is called to Guinea. Brasilia of Pakistan is called to Islamabad. Current Affairs Educators Paper General Knowledge General Tutorials GK PPSC
Distinctive Names Of Countries Cities General Knowledge MCQs - 4
Distinctive Names Of Countries Cities General Knowledge1. Where is the 'Isle of Pearls’?(a) Thailand(b) Bahrain ✓(c) Japan(d) Switzerland2. Which country is known as Horn of Africa ________.(a) Keneya(b) Somalia ✓(c) Algeria(d) Cuba4. Which country is called the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’?(a) Japan ✓(b) Norway(c) Ireland(d) Thailand5. Which country is called land of Protease?(a) Angola(b) Switzerland(c) South Africa ✓(d) North Korea6. Venice is known as_______.(a) Queen of the Adriatic ✓(b) Holy L
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Street Style The Norway Way:
SUNSET - NORWAY - winter afternoon #photo by Ole Henrik Skjelstad #snow landscape nature forest wood tree sky
Japan: First Timers Guide to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and More
Discover the best of Japan with the ultimate one-week itinerary taking you all over Japan to see the best sites including very unique items! Click visit to begin planning your adventure in the land of the rising sun! #japan #travel
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Drive to a lake. Even if you don't have a boat. Swim, sit with your feet in. Bring food for a picnic. Grab some pillows and blankets and sleep in the car. Stay up all night. Have a dance party. Watch the sun rise the next morning.
Tromsø in Norway, at night.
the sun shines through the midnight hour in these areas and they experience almost 24 hours of sunlight. This phenomenon of midnight sun has led Norway to be called the Land of the Midnight Sun.
norway | cloud inversion in senja
on my last night in senja i was gifted with an incredible cloud inversion | after two days of rain and zero visibility segla finally revealed itself | i arrived at midnight and waited until 3am for the sun to rise | with my tripod set up on the edge of a 500 meter tall cliff face i ran into position to create a sense of scale as the fog began drifting | after ten minutes the fog had completely engulfed the peak || photo and caption: terry zhang
My kinda PlAcE
Tromso, Norway
Life in the Norwegian Town Where the Sun Doesn't Rise
I spent a year in Tromsø, Norway, where the “Polar Night” lasts all winter—and where rates of seasonal depression are remarkably low. Here’s what I learned about happiness and the wintertime blues.
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mountains beyond mountains
Sunset Svolvær, Norway
Sunset by Ole Henrik Skjelstad (Norway)
Midnight Sun in Bodo, Norway... I was there when I was 16 years old.... by myself..... the sun sets at midnight then rises.....
BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS on Instagram: “Imagine watching the sun rising above the mountains from "Pulpit Rock," towering 600 meters above the Lysefjord in Ryfylke. One of Norway's…”
205.5 тыс. отметок «Нравится», 1,290 комментариев — BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS (@beautifuldestinations) в Instagram: «Imagine watching the sun rising above the mountains from "Pulpit Rock," towering 600 meters above…»
The Midnightsun by torivarn on DeviantArt
'The Midnight Sun'- The midnight sun shines over the Reisafjord in Norway at 1am; it's called the midnight sun because the sun doesn't set/rise during the mid-summer within the polar circle; photo by *torivarn on deviantART
Romsdalen valley flanked by the sheer walls of Romsdalshornet (left) and Trolltindan (right), with the shadow of Trollveggen showing against Trolltindan by Jack Brauer
Northern Norway is an area full of rolling mountainsides and jagged fjords. Sometimes called the Land of the Northern Lights, this region in Norway is the perfect setting for capturing the lights. You may even seethe rarer red and purple lights along with the green.
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