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2014 three CD collection from the late Austrian vocalist and actress. Lotte set up the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music in 1962 and entrusted it on her death with the protection and promotion of Kurt W
Composer Kurt Weill and his wife, singer/actress Lotte Lenya. They met in Berlin in 1924 and were married in 1926. Lenya became a promoter of Weill's music after his death in 1950.
From Weimar to the White Way
Lotte Lenya and Kurt Weill in California in 1944, the year Weill moved to Los Angeles to collaborate with Ira Gershwin
Lotte LENYA (1898-1981) [ON] Active 1922-81 > Born Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blamauer 18 Oct 1898 Austria-Hungary > Died 27 Nov 1981 (aged 83) New York > Spouses: Kurt Weill (1926–33+1937–50, his death); George Davis (1951–57, his death); Russell Detwiler (1962–69, his death). Notable work: From Russia with Love (1963); The Appointment (1969); Oscar nominated: Supporting Role - The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone {Countess Magda Terribili-Gonzales} Pic: New York, 1978 by Warneke
With music by Kurt Weill and text and lyrics by Bertold Brecht, this musical play was one of the cornerstone dramatic works of the Weimar Republic — and it was subsequently banned by the Nazis.
Blossom Dearie
rosa klebb from from russia with love
1954 Off-Broadway Revival Cast - The Threepenny Opera (CD)
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone
Lotte Lenya, having a moment.
LP Lotte Lenya starring in "The Seven Deadly Sins" - Columbia Masterworks KL 5175 (1957)
Kurt Weill Das Berliner Requiem (1928)
Kurt Weill Das Berliner Requiem (1928) - YouTube
Pina-La prima vez- Lyrics English (Ladino)
Pina-La prima vez- Lyrics English (Ladino) - YouTube
Sopor-aeternus-poetica - Poetica (Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows album )
Sigur Rós: Inni (2011) - IMDb
Directed by Vincent Morisset. With Jon Thor Birgisson, Orri P. Dyrason, Georg Holm, Kjartan Sveinsson. Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós melds its sonic landscape with visuals in this concert film/documentary.
Godspell (1973)
Godspell (1973) Original Argentine Movie Poster
Irving Berlin - What'll I Do Lyrics | MetroLyrics
The Three Mothers (@thethreemothersevents) • Instagram photos and videos
Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song by Kurt Weill recording 1930
Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song by Kurt Weill recording 1930 - YouTube
Genesis - Supper's ready
Genesis - Supper's ready (1974) - YouTube
Swing When You're Winning [LP] - VINYL - Миры художника Томаша Алена Копера (Tomasz Alen Kopera)
George Gershwin
George Gershwin
025 Ute Lemper

calvindyson 12 hours ago shared via Twitter
Nobody: Literally nobody: Terence Young on the banned Criterion From Russia With Love audio commentary: Of course, Lotte Lenya was screwing everyone

typolyne 8 hours ago shared via Twitter
Yeah. True. But one must ask themselves for the cause. Isnt it a long history of race disparities? I love the bible part where Jesus called white nationalists very fine people.

thistribe 5 hours ago shared via Twitter
Pirate Jenny, I'm feeling shades of Pirate Jenny today.

brettbutlerisok May 28 shared via Twitter
LOL I used to do this all of the time! I stopped cause I thought it was weird. Gonna have one right now! 🍸

brad_lotte May 28 shared via Twitter
It would take a large philosophical shift from the coaching staff to pass at a much higher rate. The departure of Derrick Henry might cause that

l_rolt May 26
I don't think your pyramid is all encompassing. What if u read it and just want to tell 2 silly old bitches arguing that Corbyn's gone, Boris is a snake, majority of the country are floating voters and u nuts can go fk yer sens cause I'm tired and got work?

He's a HOFer cause of 3000 hits. That's it. Wasn't even an amazing shortstop.

brettbutlerisok 15 hours ago
Selma/Kingsburg and Visalia are okish, they'd prefer Romney was the president. Tulare is a bunch of screaming Karens fighting over parking spaces. Bakersfield ranges from guys who look like to guys who don't wear shirts cause that would hide the Nazi tattoos.

Wine_Vinyl May 26
Cool- hadn’t heard him before... has a sort of Kurt Weill /Lotte Lenya feel

KurtWeillFndn May 25
Have you watched the new documentary yet? The film captures performances and interviews by the 12 finalists filmed at the semifinals in March. While the 2020 finals were cancelled, each finalist will receive a Trustees Award of $5K.

SpiesVespers May 27
FUN FACT: Lotte Lenya aka Bond Villain Rosa Klebb made broadcasts for Voice of America during WWII, a division of COI (predecessor organization to the OSS). The femme fatale-iest

LindeLotte May 25
im autistic yes but i dont see it as an insult cause i prob have a higher iq than u do cause of it byeeeee

huwslucian 6 hours ago
so many people are gonna get killed cause of these protests 😔 stay stafe y’all and keep it nice

woodg31 May 24
TV📺24/5/79 BBC1 4.45:Screen Test 5.5:Blue Peter 5.35:Paddington 5.40:News 6.20:Nationwide 6.55:Tomorrow's World 7.20:Top of the Pops 8.0:Happy Ever After 8.30:Living Legends 9.0:News 9.25:Wodehouse Playhouse 10.0:Lotte Lenya

KurtWeillFndn May 26
Today we celebrate operatic soprano Teresa Stratas, who was born . Stratas was cast as Jenny in the premiere of Mahagonny in 1979. Lotte Lenya called Stratas her "dream Jenny" and gave her unpublished Weill songs, which she recorded. 📸 Stratas & Lenya in 1979

_char_lotte_r May 30
gotta love getting kicked out of the mall cause riots are bout to start...

deenabancroft May 30
lotte lenya’s version of september song gives me chills. chills.

patb11209 May 27
Steviee your the Man bro you’ve given me all these tips I’m gunna throw 1 your way every1 is poundin Ltte cause Sampson is pitchin the juice 4 Samsung is Flying opend +116 it’s +140 or 160. But he’s on a 50 pitch count n that Lotte BPen is 1 of the worst as you know.

There’s a touch of Lotte Lenya (Rosa Klebb)about her-I bet she wears the shoes as well...

walkinginmind May 26
Listening to a playlist made who knows when. Starts with Big Star's version of Femme Fatale, then Lotte Lenya singing Surabaya Johnny. Coming up: Elis Regina, Camané, Coltrane, & Paolo Conte. At the close, Satie and then the Velvet U. I may be here some time. Sweet dreams, all.

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