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Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song by Kurt Weill recording 1930
Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song by Kurt Weill recording 1930 - YouTube
Sings Kurt Weill:seven Deadly Sins
Lotte Lenya sings Alabama Song (
Lotte Lenya, "Alabama Song," from The Threepenny Opera, by Kurt Weill.
Kate & Joe BB, 14th Independent Music Awards song nominee, Cover Song. Listen their cover of the Lotte Lenya song 'Alabama Song'
Alabama-Song / Lotte Lenya und "The three Admirals", Theo Mackeben & Jazz-Orchester
Alabama-Song / Lotte Lenya und "The three Admirals", Theo Mackeben & Jazz-Orchester
Lotte Lenya, actress, Berlin
actor Lotte Lenya, Berlin (c.1930), photographer unknown. via International Center of Photography
Lotte Lenya - Moon of Alabama (Good Quality Audio)
Lotte Lenya - Moon of Alabama - Weil & Brecht - La version originelle, interprétée en 1930 par Lotte Lenya, l'épouse de Kurt Weil...
Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill - Alabama Song
Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill - Alabama Song
Desert Island Discs - Margaret Atwood - BBC Sounds
BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs, Margaret Atwood
by Linda Amiel Burns - Nancy Rhodes-Artistic Director; honoring Maury Yeston w/Sheldon Harnick Award;Estelle Parsons, Lifetime Achievement Award
O Moon of Alabama: Historische Aufnahmen 1928-1944 [CD]
Threepenny Opera: Songs -
Threepenny Opera: Songs
Fashion's Tainted Beauty
Fashion's Tainted Beauty Donna Karan on The Otherworldly Storytelling of Visionary Photographer Deborah Turbeville
Kurt Weill with his dog, Woolly (Photo: Engel, ca 1945)
LP Lotte Lenya starring in "The Seven Deadly Sins" - Columbia Masterworks KL 5175 (1957)
We Had Faces Then
Peter Lorre and Lotte Lenya in a theatrical production of Franz Wedekind’s Spring Awakening [Frühlings Erwachen], Berlin, 1929 via weakwar
Cool Stuff in Paris | Cabarlet de L'Enfer (aka Café de L'Enfer) Weird Paris history
Composer Kurt Weill
Lotte Lenya c. 1930 by Lotte Jacobi (Weimarart)
Slobber,Drool, Drip !
Peter Lorre in M by Fritz Lang (1931)
Lotte Lenya, having a moment.
Lotte Lenya as Pirate Jenny in Brecht/Weill's 'Threepenny opera' 1928
The Rest is Noise, Berlin in the 20s and 30s - in pictures
German composer Kurt Weill (1900-1950) with his wife, Austrian singer and actress Lotte Lenya (1898-1981), photographed c1940.
From Weimar to the White Way
Lotte Lenya and Kurt Weill in California in 1944, the year Weill moved to Los Angeles to collaborate with Ira Gershwin
Twitter. It's what's happening.
Berliner Ensemble am Schiffbauerdamm Berlin Werbung fuer die "3 Groschen Oper" 1960

BBCR3MusicBot 24 Mar 2016 shared via Twitter
Now Playing Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya - Alabama Song (Mahagonny) ,

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Lotte Lenya - Alabama Song - with a slideshow of German Horror Films

BrianRe40731972 21 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
Alabama Song-Lotte Lenya Lotte Lenya was married with Kurt Weill 1926-1933. She was an actress and singer. This is the original version recorded 1930.

nixknocks 6 Jun 2013 shared via Twitter
I liked a video Lotte Lenya sings Alabama Song ()

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Currently Playing:- Lotte Lenya - Alabama Song

universalshow 28 May 2016
Oh, don't ask why. Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song by Kurt Weill recording 1930

researchobjects 31 Aug 2018
.... and while we’re on the subject, Lotte Lenya sings Alabama Song

celia_dj 15 Jan 2015
This is amazing!! Lotte Lenya singing 'Alabama Song' (1930 recording)

Barney50Mc 25 Jul 2010
Check this video out -- Lotte Lenya sings Alabama Song ( Original Alabama Song

ReveLsoffice 29 Nov 2012
: The Doors (Lotte Lenya): 'Alabama Song'

old_peepinus May 22
Another favorite of mine: Lotte Lenya's (or if you prefer The Doors') interpretation of the Alabama song: Moon of Alabama - or "show us the way to the next whisky bar". Yes, if I don't find the next Jessy show, I tell you, I may die. I'll die anyway - eventually...

lynne_segal May 21

CiCi72592123 Mar 12
Friday!!!!!!! Drink as if you live in the early days of a better nation.💋 Lotte Lenya: Alabama Song

Benjones2Jones 15 Dec 2019
A for Alabama Lotte Lenya - Alabama Song (Brecht had his doubts about Weill, but not about her.)

deborah_delano 10 Apr 2019
Good question. On my last book it was definitely Dusty Springfield- This Girl’s in Love With You - completely anachronistic but perfect. My new one’s set in Weimar Berlin so it’s Lotte Lenya, Alabama Song. This will change as I progress.

JBsWhatsOn 18 Feb 2019
Lotte Lenya - Alabama Song/Whiskey Song

Revizorsb 2 Mar 2016
Anniversaire : Kurt (2 mars 1900). Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song - 1930 via

MAK7591 13 Aug 2015
Lotte Lenya - Alabama Song - by Kurt Weill recorded 1930 Weird Thursday PL&M

RedScareBot 7 Apr 2015
Socialism tomorrow? RT Enjoying Mark Whitby on Lotte Lenya - Alabama Song

everythingbiker 7 Mar 2015
Lotte Lenya - Alabama Song on B.I.C Radio @ The Bikers Inner Circle

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