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Heavyweights (1995)
judd apatow far right on the set of heavyweights
This is 40: Judd Apatow gets real about relationships (and Lost and heavyweights)
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Maude Apatow supported by Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann at film premiere
Family business: Maude Apatow was supported by her dad Judd Apatow, who…
Amazon.com: Heavyweights: Ben Stiller, Tim Blake Nelson, David Bowe, Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller, Cody Burger, Jeffrey Tambor, Allen Covert, Bobby Fain, Paul Feig, Max Goldblatt, David Goldman, Tom Hodges, Patrick LaBrecque, Leah Lail, Tom McGowan, Joseph Wayne Miller, Nancy Ringham, Aaron Schwartz, Seth St. Laurent, Steven Brill, Judd Apatow, Steven Brill: Movies TV
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by juddapatow / Judd Apatow: I did not get a first screenplay Spirit award for Heavyweights. That was bullshit.. location: . date: 1520203902
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'Heavyweights' actor Joseph Wayne Miller dies at 36 (right}
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Heavyweights (Full Frame)
Amazon.com: Heavyweights: Ben Stiller, Tim Blake Nelson, David Bowe, Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller, Cody Burger, Jeffrey Tambor, Allen Covert, Bobby Fain, Paul Feig, Max Goldblatt, David Goldman, Tom Hodges, Patrick LaBrecque, Leah Lail, Tom McGowan, Joseph Wayne Miller, Nancy Ringham, Aaron Schwartz, Seth St. Laurent, Steven Brill, Judd Apatow: Gateway
CHICAGO -- Actor Joseph Wayne Miller, who played camper Salami Sam in the '90s hit movie "Heavyweights," died Tuesday in Chicago at 36, TMZ reports. Miller's mother told TMZ that he died in his sleep, but so far the exact cause of death is unknown. "Heavyweights" was the Park Ridge, IL native's only major film credit, according to IMDB.
Leslie Mann steps out in sundress for day date with Judd Apatow
Going strong: The Hollywood heavyweights have been married since 1997
Joseph Wayne Miller Dies: “Salami Sam” In ‘Heavyweights’ Was 36
Joseph Wayne Miller Dies: “Salami Sam” In ‘Heavyweights’ Was 36 | Deadline
Heavyweights Blu-ray | shopDisney
Little-known facts about a few underrated yet awesome movies from the 90’s (24 Photos)
Heavyweights As part of a first date with his eventual wife Judd Apatow tried to impress Leslie Mann by showing her this film.

movietoyreview Apr 28 shared via Twitter
don’t forget your wings man.... is getting his wings from the equivalent of turning his hat backwards in

toolazyforlife Feb 5 shared via Twitter
thanks for making Heavyweights.

OldRowKoozie 21 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
Judd Apatow wrote Heavyweights. High five if you knew that before this tweet

RichReviews2 Jan 21 shared via Twitter
Amazing to know that it took several years for Judd Apatow to grow as a person after Heavyweights.

DaangMel 18 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter

EatTweeetRepeat 4 Dec 2019
I was today years old when I found out Heavyweights was written by Judd Apatow

caro 30 Nov 2019
I read it as that too and was like WHOA, I don’t remember him being in that. That said, Heavyweights was Judd Apatow’s first movie AND Ben Stiller effectively plays the same character he would play a decade later in Dodgeball, which is kinda interesting.

fwhitakereyez Feb 17
If anyone wants help with my Heavyweights 2 quest, retweet my posts, or get in touch with someone.

Heavyweights was, as I'd heard, likable and funny. I was way into all the other stuff Judd Apatow was doing in the 90s (Ben Stiller Show, Larry Sanders, Cable Guy, Freaks and Geeks) so glad to fill in this gap, though I guess Celtic Pride remains as one other.

trotsky37 May 22
Rewatched Heavyweights with my niece last night. Definitely holds up. Also could I please have a million dollars?

25th Anniversary Viewing Party of with ! This movie still stands the test of time! Incredible writing, ! We love this movie so much!

MarbleSadness 8 Dec 2019
I was just saying last week to my friends that Heavyweights is hands down the funniest family film out there. Love it.

whyangelinawhy 13 Nov 2019
Heavyweights manages to be the best 1) Disney live-action film 2) Ben Stiller performance and 3) Judd Apatow production

NickCastaway Apr 3
The movie Heavyweights by Judd Apatow starring Ben Stiller with Kenan Thompson and Paul Feig and many more is on Disney+. You are welcome.

fwhitakereyez Feb 18
I think there was some sort of mistake yesterday. I got zero response about my Heavyweights sequel from , or anyone else involved. I’m trying to get retweets everyday until someone messages me.

H_lynnB May 27
I recently showed my kids Heavyweights, which has been a fav of mine for years. Can we just discuss how Pat totally looks like Gerald Garner’s real Dad? 😂 The movie could have had an entirely different plot line if that was the case.

inezcorecs 18 Nov 2019
HEAVYWEIGHTS: This Judd Apatow produced comedy about kids who go to a fat camp is absolutely hilarious. Featuring a completely game and insane Ben Stiller performance (reminiscent of his Dodgeball character pre-Dodgeball).

Oroness51 Jan 17
Hi Judd, first time in twitter in a long while, I can't find the heavyweights script on the internet anywhere, any way you still have a copy of it I can read?

Prestonsmith May 14
Heavyweights is the funniest thing Judd Apatow ever wrote.

Captain_Chunk Jan 15
I’m more concerned that the 25th anniversary of Heavyweights is coming up next month, and I’ve yet to read rumors of the reboot ☹️

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