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The first thing you should know about me is that I am not you. A lot more will make sense after that.
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Synonym: douchemoron.
Let love be without dissimulation - concealment of one's thoughts, feelings, or character; pretense. synonyms: pretense, dissembling, deceit, dishonesty, duplicity, lying, guile, subterfuge, feigning, shamming, faking, bluff, bluffing, posturing, hypocrisy
"Benjamin Franklin used it as a synonym of "velocity." And the speedy term (which can be traced back to "celer," a Latin word meaning "swift") is still keeping pace today." . . #wordoftheday #foodforthought #learndaily
Hahaha!!! A few of these could resonate with INTJ
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withlittlequill 15 Sep 2019 shared via Twitter
i did in fact just try to say "sightseeing" as a synonym for being able to see the future though so maybe it's time to stop for the night. food for thought

TheBerghammer 11 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Super tasty food for thought! I like it and I support this synonym venture!

ros_luff 25 May 2019 shared via Twitter
In all other walks of life 'special' usually means enhanced, precious, remarkable etc. In fact one synonym offered was 'outstanding', food for thought! The special in SEND is often lacking. Lack of funds is offered as an excuse but it's school ethos that matters. Ethos is free

ShifaaSultan May 14 shared via Twitter
Food for thought: "Lacking something" happens to be a synonym for "wanting something" which is quite fascinating.. we all knew that wanting is usually associated with not having, but did we acknowledge it? طعام لعقلك 🤓🤓🤓🤓: النقصان هو معنى آخر لكلمة "الرغبة"

SameerM1298 Mar 17 shared via Twitter
Ok so now I got it. A jehadi supporter and India hater (they are actually synonym ). Just check. Prof some food for thought. Pakistanis are pushing Corona infected, coming from Iran, in PoK.

knockmacool Feb 24
These trends might be of interest to Irish farmers. There was a time Borden was a synonym for milk and consumption has been declining for years. So has ice-cream and yogurt. Not all bad news but food for thought.

Hey Friend! Pelosi has been a synonym for 💩 for about 10 years. Food for thought and plz share 😂👊🏽

h_peterbauer 22 Nov 2019
Is fitness-for-purpose still a good synonym for quality, asks from at . Food for thought for the afternoon.

DeSaInTeD 7 Oct 2019
Food For Thought: My neighbor texted me, “I just made synonym buns!” I texted back, “You mean like grammar use to make?” I haven’t heard from her since. The post Food For Thought appeared first on Reader's Digest.

vaIenteana 29 Aug 2019
When did disagreeing with someone become a synonym for attacking? If you can’t handle a simple and civil disagreement then maybe twitter isn’t for you, just... food for thought

SevenFlamingos 22 Apr 2019
Food for thought: “Dimension” is a synonym for “Realm”

XavierAXFlowers 21 Jan 2019
I heard you was conflicted In the music in which you listen I did the same, watering myself down Contradiction to the Roots that DRIED Subtract the R synonym for deceased Poetic speech sound like a pastor preech Food for thought im a Caesar salad conqueror of all beneath my feet

chauguleabhijit 3 Jan 2019
Can bird box be new synonym for blindfold? Food for thought 🤔

edebdn 14 Mar 2014

herculezg 23 Jan 2014
not mine, but it is the dictionary’s though. Every synonym for it breaks the law. Food for thought.

God_Peace_ 3 Jun 2012
@realcooltone_ Gibberish??? SYNONYM- Food for thought,lol

lovenuonce 20 Dec 2012
RT : @lovenunrg Synonym toast?... Food for thought...

a_hsks_fi 5 Nov 2015
in Finnish pancake is a synonym for failure. Food for thought.

DTNHealth 19 Aug 2011
DTN Health: Want to Be a Vegan Like Bill Clinton? Here’s Some Food For Thought.: "'Vegan' is not a synonym f...

ElaineButcher 23 May 2009
Elaine's Food for Thought: What's another word for synonym? More

KingDavidObas 28 Feb 2013
hmmm, food for thought, One day HEROISM is nt SYNONYM to swollen headedness.. Ride on Sir

Shambo 31 Aug 2009
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Is there another word for synonym?

JoshSchmutzer 9 Jun 2015
"It's not by accident that we've started using "unplug" as a synonym for "relax." Food for thought via

MiladyDewinter 10 Jul 2015
In fact, it makes me wonder whether this is the origin of "barf" as a synonym for vomiting. Food for thought? (sorry...)

thompsrus 29 May 2009
Friday Food for Thought: What's the synonym for "thesaurus"?

sym_fin 8 Jan 2017
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: PRESENT: synonym of GIFT Is my PRESENCE my PRESENT to those whom I encounter?

rolfpink 22 Mar 2015
I'm not a great crossword fan but this blog, "What’s another word for synonym?", is food for thought:

_sincerelybetty 23 Jun 2018
Food for thought: There are BLACK immigrants. ‘Immigrants’ is not a synonym for the Latinx community.

YASMinistry 12 Jun 2018
, Set new fitness goals with PM Shri Ji. Incorporating into the fitness regime is indeed a food for thought for our generation, which widely believes that gym is the only synonym of fitness.

Tryagainpleas 31 May 2018
Food for thought: Why do we use the word “right” as a synonym for “correct”, but we don’t use “left” as a synonym for “wrong”.

zainmaq 16 Apr 2017
Google's definition of Nationalism considers Xenophobia a synonym. Food for thought.

Scriffignano1 26 Jan 2017
Food for thought: "Almost impossible" is a synonym for "possible".

willwrigley 13 Oct 2016
Food for thought: We need a good synonym for "full-throated"

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