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Food for thought's Scrunch - my life !
Wrinkled up plastic wrap can create the illusion of ice or snow
Food For Thought Scrunch IMG_0264
Food for thought, my favourite place for lunch!
follow me for more wavy pins @bartierbrii💗
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How to make your own cupcake liners. Yeah, it takes a little more time but you'll be a hit a the next party!
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These are some red and white metal ripple sided (I think they are meant to be planters) I thought you might be able to use to put food/cakes/choc snowballs or whatever in. I have some white sticker dots we could put on the red ones. I have a large polystyrene ball and some smaller 1/2 balls I thought I'd make a Minnie Mouse head (like one you have in your pins) attach the 1/2 balls for ears, paint it black all over and either sprinkle with glitter and put a little red glitter bow or another way would be to scrunch up little bits of tissue paper and stick to cover it all and then put on a little red bow. Then attach to a stick and use the taller narrower red tin as a base. What do you think?
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In-flight meals take off as airlines give more thought to food
In-flight meals take off as airlines give more thought to food | Tired of mystery meat or the vegetarian alternative to cake – rubbery melon? Well, from fish and chips to chia seeds with mango, airlines are overhauling their onboard catering. Soon you may be able to upgrade your food along with your seat

mellowmark 9 Jul 2016 shared via Twitter
Raspberry and Almond scrunch time! (Original recipe from the much loved Food for Thought in Covent Garden)

thedurianprince 3 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
The best thing ever you can do with them is dry them with fish and seasonings and crunch it up to make the best topping for rice mankind has ever devised but I 1) don’t have a recipe handy 2) also don’t know if there’s a good way to temper the spice, but food for thought?

kitchncomau 22 Sep 2009 shared via Twitter
Food for Thought: Apples add crunch and sweetness to recipes - Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

iamngobody 22 Sep 2017 shared via Twitter
Food for thought. Easy and fast in a crunch. More flavorful than steamed rice, imo

ForklyFood 13 Mar 2011 shared via Twitter
Crunchy Potato Chips - Food For Thought - Half Hour Meals - Recipes For Your Lifestyle! Crunch Those Chips!

kitchncomau 22 Sep 2009
Food for Thought: Apples add crunch and sweetness to recipes - Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

latimesfood 20 May 2009
Taco trucks are feeling the crunch across the U.S.: The demand for food from mobile vendors grows as the Latino ..

Pipskin 14 May 2009
Absolutely! Big up the credit crunch!! (only joking of course... but more for your money on food is always a big tick in my book) x

thetimes 24 Jun 2008
Discount food stores enjoying boom time: The credit crunch is turning into a sales boom for some of B..

TheChristinaKim 14 Sep 2009
Debate shall begin for food. Got lidgurt, but the debate remains between Special K red berries vs. a single serving of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

memphisnews 3 Jan 2009
CA: The Economic Crunch: More food for the dollar

estarLA 30 Nov 2008
Eating a crunch ice cream bar for breakfast so none of our cabin food goes to waste.

LSJNews 17 Oct 2008
Update from Fast food: Students feeling time crunch at lunch: For 23 minutes..

rikkisimons 25 Oct 2008
Silk Milk and Captain Crunch: how much of what I just ate would have been considered food to my ancestors? 13% seems too high even for me.

kitchncomau 18 Sep 2009
Food for Thought: Popcorn Caramel Crunch

kitchncomau 18 Sep 2009

kitchncomau 15 Sep 2009
Food for Thought: Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch Squares (Or Triangles)

rynbtmn 16 Oct 2008
Credit Crunch Pro-Tip™: the skulls of those you kill when looting for food, scooped out and cleaned, make tough yet stylish iPhone holders.

chocolateguide 17 Mar 2009
just had rice pudding for the first time in years and is remembering why it's credit crunch food - I'm so full! Can't wait to crawl into bed

christine 2 Mar 2008
so tired, I may just eat cap'n crunch for dinner...though I also need to cook food to leave for our housesitter.

SheilaGrayTV 22 Jun 2009
Vote for Suburban Chef Barbie Hahn on Food Network website for Bobby Flay contest. Hers is Individual Pear Crunch recipe.

Victoria_Laurie 21 Aug 2009
believes that chips are required brain food for creative writing...munch, crunch...mmmmmm

ded 2 Mar 2008
I like how food isn't taxed. Just paid $3 even for a box of cinnamon toast crunch

CRAdvocacy 29 Jul 2009
It is crunch time on food safety reform: make a call urging a YES vote on HR 2749 RIGHT NOW Call ask for your rep (202) 224-3121

freeeeediet 3 Aug 2009
What Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight Without Developing An ...: Munch and crunch healthy food.....(dots for th..

MLiebreich 20 May 2009
Food for Thought and client meets in Madrid. Spain suffering a bad hangover from debt crunch, over-commitment to CDM & high solar tariffs. M

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