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10 Comforting Scriptures for Seeking God and Drawing Near to Him
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. 10 Comforting Scriptures to seek God and draw near to Him. #biblequotes #bibleverse #bibleverses #scriptures #faithquotes #christiantshirts #pray
Scriptures on Forgiveness: Even When it's Hard! - Christian Counseling
Scriptures on Forgiveness: Even When it's Hard! - Christian Counseling
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Something To Think About!
Something To Think About!
Food for Thought- Transfiguration – Mission Bible Class
Food for thought: It irks me when people say--without scripture to back it up--that animals don't go to Heaven because they "don't have a soul or spirit."Romans 8:19-21 says they go Heaven: Randy Alcorn has a whole chapter in his book "Heaven" that gives other scriptures.Altho they're not made in God's image or with the same responsibilities of man, by definition, their personalities prove they have a soul...the fact that their spirits leave their bodies when they die is proof they have a spirit
These qualities do not come from weakness, as the world would like you to believe. These qualities only come from pure hearts, incredible strength and true determination! CDK
Romans 12:2
Don't get frozen in bad thoughts.
How to Balance Being Gentle with Yourself vs. Using It As An Excuse | Real Food Whole Life
Quote on being gentle and growing by Robyn Conley Downs on the Feel Good Effect Podcast #realfoodwholelife #feelgoodeffectpodcast #gentlemindset #healthandwellnesspodcast #selfcarequote #productivityquote #growthquote #positivityquote #selfcompassionquote #motivationalquote
It is a constant struggle, but we must remain spiritually minded in this world, for the attack against us is trying to subdue our hearts and minds.
Food for thought. He trinity doctrine teaches that all three God's in one are equal, which means they must then have the same power. However, Luke 5:17 says that Jesus' Father was the one who provided power so that Jesus could perform miraculous healings.
ALWAYS take it to God... nothing is too small or too big for Him !!!!
Food For Thought: The Best Food Quotes
We love these thought-provoking foodie quotes! | Fit Bottomed Eats
The person that cleaned Powers Hall and FOB was one of my favorite people at school. She always had a smile and a positive thing to say. She had more respect for her, than I did for many of the professors,
Food for thought
Food for Thought...
True discipline comes from Him....
The Dusty Scholar - #Repost @littlethingsaboutgod with @repostapp....
Francis Chan
Food For Thought
Happiness doesn’t depend on outward conditions. It depends on inner conditions.
Ever wonder why 'healthy' food costs so much compared to cheaper 'junk' food? We explore the "real" price of food:
LOVE this reminder. Surrender your will for yourself and trust in His will for you!

Shovesta2 May 24 shared via Twitter
If I see a Buddhist get drunk and beat a woman, I'm not going to judge Buddhism on his actions, I will judge it on what the buddhist scriptures teach. I don't judge Islam based on what this group or that group of Muslims do, but on what the texts or Islam say. How people act

KarlKohlhase 11 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
Great insight, J. C. Thanks for that. I tend to agree, but the Scriptures also present food for thought, for the development of our minds. I would liken the mind to the Holy Place of the Tabernacle and the heart to the Holy of Holies, the seat of Love as you say.

thelacowboy 15 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
More food for thought if you're impressed pursue further. This University Professor & former atheist is nicknamed the "modern Martin Luther", intelligently calling people back to the simple scriptures. Series with deep truths "Rekindling the Reformation. .

WillGravesAP 2 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
“For believers in a religion whose scriptures teach compassion, we’re a breathtakingly cruel bunch.” Food for thought from Charles Mathewes

Fig_a_loo 23 Oct 2018 shared via Twitter
They also said that the word of God can't be false, but, like, Christians have been taking out scriptures since forever??? Unproblematic chapters like the book of Enoch were taken out for no reason. A book was taken out for literally promoting homosexuality. Food for thought.

luciusaustin 7 Oct 2018

Temenidae 21 Feb 2019
The high priests in the oracle of Delphi, where Cadmus went on a pilgrimage, did not know how to write? They were waiting for Cadmus to import the written depiction of the Phoenician consonants to start writing? They had no scriptures? Food for thought.

motorcityoprah 15 May 2019
Literally MY FAV PART !! Never read the Quran or Islamic scriptures only psalms I read was on the arms on my niggas. THENNNN the ending of “this is food for thought you do the dishes” 😫🔥WE DONT DESERVE

keepawake2 Apr 28
Thanks for reading this far if you have. & I'm not trying to tell anyone here how to talk - that's none of my business per se - just sharing some wisdom and how I apply it. & I hope that those scriptures will give food for thought more stimulating than my attempt here. 😶🙂🏞

lavoskibaker 25 Oct 2017
Food for thought there are 18 titles found in scriptures for a Pastor.

twmay8 23 Dec 2017
Let this be a food for thought today,going into new year . While you’re humbling yourself before him have these be apart of concept in your mind. These two scriptures Matthews 6:3-4,21:21-22 KJV.

LTjgBenJLadd May 19
Fwd: , , , Food for thought. God did not give everyone the ability to discern the spirits, but He did give us these Scriptures. Shall the blood of innocent civilians killed be no less important than the blood of the unborn?

YochananYah 12 Apr 2018
You can easily track Job's pedigree through the scriptures. Easily. He is not an Edomite. Just food for thought. If you lived in china, would that make you Chinese? Or would you be an Israelite dwelling in China? Make sense? If y'all need a full breakdown please DM me. Shalom

prafitjosiah 28 Apr 2019
Sometimes scriptures don't give practical daily use in our current timeframe. For instance my wife and I try to encourage each other with our businesses, pray together, go on staycations in hotels to get away from the kids etc. Just trynna provide food for thought that's all.

k9kerri 17 Sep 2019
And like you said Claire, then there’s chaos as part of the questioning/ growth process. Lots of Scriptures about someone being disoriented & reoriented by their encounter with God. Lots of food for thought

TheRealtorKaren 2 Nov 2017
Food for thought: Scriptures say that two can't walk together except they agree. Many times we are not walking...

Aramide_fataiO 26 Jul 2019
If it were to be now that the Lord Jesus Christ is walking on the surface of the earth and He is to be a Nigerian, would He had been insulting the President the way those who are misquoting the Holy Scriptures are doing?! Food for thought

yulcrawford 30 Jan 2018
Food for thought: According to the scriptures, are we believers called to be light of the world or the light of...

I couldn't agree more. Scriptures set the boundaries. Great "food for thought" Thank you Let us treasure our liberty without confusing that with preference which our liberty is governed by His Word

satsangi 23 Nov 2017
Article provides Food for thought ...Ancient scriptures have highlighted the purpose of life to attain consciousness and birth-death-rebirth cycle is said to be the journey towards that destination... need of the hour is Introspection.

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