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Food for thought at local summit meeting | Paisley Scotland
Food for thought at local summit meeting Renfrewshire Council, the NHS, and other public organisations in the area are getting together with local community groups to tackle food poverty. A ‘Food Matters’ event at West College Scotland on Wednesday 25 June will look at food poverty and the health and environmental aspects of food-related issues, with members of the Renfrewshire public encouraged to attend.
Aberfeldy, Scotland. A lovely wee town with a lot of fantastic food to try. Head to Dows of Aberfeldy to get your IceDelight.,_Aberfeldy,_Scotland,_United_Kingdom.JPG
What to eat in Ireland: my Irish food bucket list - Electric Blue Food - Kitchen stories from abroad
Irish food: an ode to some of the best meals I had in Ireland
If you need 144 rolls of toilet paper for a 14 day quarantine you probably should have been seeing a Doctor long before COVID-19
Best Places to Eat in Dublin
I'd never thought of Dublin as a city for foodies, but we enjoyed amazing food the entire trip! Here are our picks for the best places to eat in Dublin.
One of the new coasters being added to our range in March 2015.
World's Best Scones! From Scotland to the Savoy to the U.S.
Photo of World's Best Scones! From Scotland to the Savoy to the U.S. by FRIENDLYFOOD
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Scotch broth
Scotch broth | 26 Amazing Scottish Foods You Have To Try At Least Once
The Scottish Subscription Box
Brimming with luxurious, locally-sourced Scottish gifts each month, WeeBox brings the essence of Scotland straight to your door!
North Bayshore Antiques
What is Samhain
Dublin Food Tour - Winning Over A Non Foodie • Travel Tales of Life
Authentic Irish food to expect when visiting Dublin. Click to learn more about #Dublin eating and a secret #food tour Ireland style.
Frankie Boyle the legend - FunSubstance
Frankie Boyle the legend
Scottish PINK MARBLE Large Natural Stone Mineral Rock Crystal Scotland UK DGA1011
Free Scottish Genealogy on ScotlandsPlaces
Free Scottish Genealogy on ScotlandsPlaces. What records are available and how to use this amazing free site for your Scottish genealogy research. #genealogy #familyhistory #ancestors #genealogyresearch #genealogyskills #heritage #familytree #bespokegenealogy #scotland #uk
9 Foods you NEED to try in Glasgow | The Creative Adventurer
9 Foods you NEED to try in Glasgow — The Creative Adventurer
A moon beam to charm you
Happy Hogmanay
Ancient to Medieval (And Slightly Later) History
Castle Varrich, Highland, Scotland Castle Varrich's (Caisteal Bharraich) precise origin and date are unknown. The ruins are located in the far north of the Scottish highlands near the village of...
Scottish Wisdom
Looking for the best places in Edinburgh for lunch? Ten travel bloggers share their favourite lunch spot in the city. #scotland
Irish Kitchen Prayer
Celtic Card Company presents the illustrated manuscripts of artist Kevin Dillon

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She's not the Madonna, she's a very nippy sweetie writes for

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Musings of a REAL Tank Commander – Part 9 Mojos, Crab Air and cordite writes Stuart Crawford for

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Here's an interesting article which might give you some food for thought. The Sunday Herald on the challenges faced by Scotland's care homes in coping with the Coronavirus epidemic.

Think_Scotland 18 hours ago
Scottish Conservative & Unionist? What’s in a name? writes Neil Stratton for

The Northern Agreements: who benefits most? writes Neil Stratton for

NyoEi May 28
I think our scientists and engineers are going to have a lot to do in order to give us a Scotland to be proud of in the future, and we are going to have to work together and make a lot of changes because this pandemic has given us some major food for thought.

We need a clean break from the EU to recover from virus writes Brian Monteith for

PaulMcG1994 May 26
Seen quite a few on here say they stay right on the border of Scotland and England but work just on the other side of it so its definitely food for thought. I'm sure we will have a plan already incase it happens

NEW TODAY! Boris’s gamble writes Linda Holt for

Iainmay3 May 23
Andrew I am glad one Tory in Scotland has come out and re affirmed the message to stay at home, pity more of your colleagues have not or others who have blatantly ignored these legally binding rules and feel they are above these laws and rules, food for thought!

Crisiscult May 23
Food for thought, but time for Scotland to look to its old trading partners in low countries and baltic. 300 years of insularity, looking only south hasn’t been healthy for scotland generally

MalcolmChishol1 19 Dec 2019
Twitter break time till January posting as my last tweet of the year the Times letter below from Scotland’s foremost historian Sir Tom Devine summing up perfectly the current political situation in Scotland. Food for thought for everyone and in the meantime Happy Christmas to all

chambertalk 5 Jan 2018
Our Shire Connections event will launch the 2017 food and drink sector survey: Food for Thought. James Withers of Scotland Food & Drink and key decision makers from processing, retail and food service industries will discuss issues facing the industry:

ParchKevin 13 Dec 2019
If I understand correctly, if no Conservative had been returned from Scotland or Wales, there would still be a majority government at Westminster. That gives some food for thought.

RichardDawkins 10 Aug 2019
If no-deal Brexit happens, is united Ireland a real possibility? And independent Scotland? Might they unite in a Celtic Republic? What about Wales? Food for thought? Or is it unthinkable? But in 2016 when we voted, Brexit with no-deal was unthinkable.

alanferrier 13 Aug 2019

NoRemainNoGain 2 Jul 2018
Yes, food for thought. Scotland certainly is crucial for Labour and they need a good Scottish strategy very soon. If only English nationalists , too, could see EU membership as a way to assert themselves in the world, we'd not be in this mess.

ScotWedPhotos 8 Nov 2018
Pathetic: Murdo creates a Blog called Food For Thought to publish his own ramblings which he then retweets. Now he's buying space in a digital service to do the same through Daily Business, again, promoting his own content on Twitter Sad man

ScottishField 1 Nov 2018

seanmcd07 15 Jul 2018
Food for thought. Scotland voted 68% to 32% to Remain. Given that we also voted 55% to 45% to stay in UK, Scot Gov has provided compromise proposals to UK Gov, so we can stay in SM / CU at least. No reply from UK Gov. + All but excluded from debate when Withdrawal Bill discussed

TheSquaredCirc3 18 Jan 2019
Some food for thought... Scotland - Buchanan, Jim Watt, Harrison... Wales - Wilde, Calzaghe London - Lewis, Benn Ireland - Collins, McGuigan NI - Frampton, McCullough Sheffield - Hamed, Graham What are yours, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool etc

SeanRoss0 28 Jun 2019
Some food for thought. Last year, 75.1% of 🇨🇦 exports and 76.5% of 🇲🇽 exports went to 🇺🇲. That's higher than the estimated figure of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 exports going to 🇬🇧 (63%). If Canada and Mexico trade more with the U.S. than Scotland does with rUK, why can't Scotland be independent too?

patronsaintofca 8 Oct 2017
Food for thought Scotland. Time to be free again

ScotWedPhotos 10 Mar 2019
Writes Murdo, for Food for thought, Think Scotland and this Tweet This is what this muppet gets paid £70k + Expenses for.

At least the contempt is screamingly obvious these days. No more pretending. We all know where we stand. Food for thought for Scotland's 'no' voters.

ellenjoelle 29 Mar 2018
Understandable but short-sighted. and are giving the EU nations acting like all geographic lines there will ever be have long been drawn food for thought. Scotland has way more to gain by developing and using progressive in the EU. 🇪🇺

EdgyAllie 6 Sep 2019

F1sasha Apr 7
Some food for thought for Stella : Scotland's medical chief resigns after flouting own coronavirus rules. Also, NZ Health Minister was demoted after visiting the beach during lockdown? What will happen to Stella?

Scots offshore wind farm revolution has created just 6% of jobs forecast by ministers Food for thought, Scotland didn’t get anything like the amount of jobs created on the back of investment as they were told would happen

RichardBews Jan 16
Johnson Food for thought. Scotland has highest tax rate in UK for HIGH EARNERS but lowest tax rate for low earners. Students don't leave uni to enter workplace with £27+k debt around their necks like English counterparts. No park fees at NHS hospitals. More.....

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