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School Lunch: Food for Thought
A school meal is a meal (usually lunch or dinner) provided to students at a school. It is usually served at sometime around noon; however, many also s
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Founder and CEO of Food For Thought Tiffanie Nelson is busy prepping for the holiday season. “Food For Thought offers special programs to bridge the meal gap created by the lengthy breaks from school,” she says. “The average child in our service will miss ten meals over Thanksgiving break and twenty over Christmas break.” | VIE Magazine - December 2019 | The Women's Issue | L'intermission - No Child Hungry | Photo courtesy of Food For Thought
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I personally thought it would be valuable to avoid thinking about how to feed the hungry school children since I will, of course, be joyously reading for hours each day with my offspring about the adventures of Lewis and Clark and having fabulous discussions about planets, galaxies, and Ralph Moody. During the times I’m not joyously reading, I will be joyful at a soccer field or in a car dropping or picking up a kid from a music lesson. I will be way too joyful to think about meal planning.
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School (Meals) Graduation
For most students, graduating from school is a long process that involves years of studying and hard work. For national governments, "graduating" from a school feeding program is much the same. Learn how and why transitioning World Food Programme school meals programs to locally owned, empowered, sustainable initiatives is so important. #SolveHunger #DeliverHope

MealsPlus Mar 5 shared via Twitter
Yesterday we joined Betti Wiggins, Food Service Director of , in a webinar called Food For Thought: How School Meals Can Support Learning. Thank you for hosting! Click here to watch it on demand now:

CommStudies_MSU Mar 27 shared via Twitter
Food for Thought is continuing to feed kids who normally rely on school meals! 🍇🍓🥗🍝 Click the article to learn how you can help!

CVSDspokane Apr 4 shared via Twitter
CVSD school volunteers and volunteers delivered 500 weekend meals to the doorsteps of kids in our Central Valley community who needed it again this Friday. This Food for Thought program is a partnership…

Jammer_Volts Mar 30 shared via Twitter
Life is kinda shit for a lot of us rn. Works shut down. Schools shut down. Here's the gutpunch: 1 in 7 kids here in Colorado rely on school meals. With access to those limited, kids are facing serious insecurity. If you can, donate to Food for Thought.

fdlreporter Apr 9 shared via Twitter
The school district has provided more than 18,000 meals to students, and Food for Thought has provided 2,700 meals.

Your Giving Hearts Day donation to Moorhead Legacy Education Foundation's Food for Thought program helps students in Moorhead Area Public Schools to receive milk/snack breaks and meals when their families are struggling to afford them. Learn more at

Definitely food for thought here from the Soil Association about the future of school meals post Coronavirus, and lots of questions too.

The school council met with our fabulous cook and Simon from Food For Thought to discuss the school lunch menu. They shared the results of their survey which revealed the most popular and unpopular meals, and also put forward suggestions for changes to the menu.

Our fund drive for Food for Thought continues through the end of the school year. Help us provide evening and weekend meals to supplement the district's breakfast and lunch distribution with a gift of any size: 🥫

UnitedWaySIBC Apr 15
Central Okanagan school district says nearly 7,000 meals distributed to area students this week thanks to Central Okanagan Food for Thought program and the many volunteers and suppliers.

Bohras_USA Apr 11
The of partnered with their friends Food for Thought program to provide 2 weeks of meals to 400+ students facing food insecurity due to school closures

bulako5 Mar 22
When the schools are closed due to CORONA VIRUS did you know that there are children who survived on school meals only? Food for thought what do you think about them?

POBdad Mar 12
Food for thought. I like the idea of “grab and go” lunches for students who depend on meals at schools for their main sustenance. Good thinking from Denver Public Schools!

Some food for thought for those interested in thinking about school meals and policy

ColinMcElwee Jan 16
Food for thought: the school lunch scheme linking London and Liberia . I so love Mary's Meals

DenisD_203 18 Dec 2019
Colorado legalized Cannabis and now every kid gets free school meals. Food for thought.

martyrabkin 16 Dec 2019
Food for Thought: School lunch debt is on the rise, and rural districts have it especially hard. But one program offers universal free cafeteria meals in low-income schools. Can it work where you are? via

owlhoop44 3 Apr 2019
Food for thought: Indiana school district turns unused cafeteria food into take-home meals for kids in need via

j_mm_3 26 Jan 2019
Healthy student lunch: Minn. schools sell more meals with Whole Foods ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ just some food for thought. Wanting to make our Pirates healthy 💪🏻

FrancisHowell 5 Dec 2019
High school students in FHSD recently cooked up some tasty meals during the inaugural Food for Thought Academy. The after school program offers advanced culinary education taught by local professional chefs. Read more:

salvationarmy 27 Aug 2019
The Salvation Army’s Food for Thought program in Gander, N.L., ensures that children who miss school and lag behind in the curriculum due to hunger receive healthy meals. Read more at

mick_demarco 5 Jun 2019
You were on free school meals under mostly labour govts. Free school meals are being cut for working class kids. I also received free school meals. I want to protect the same support that I got at that age. Just some food for thought.

gob876543 2 Dec 2019
My bro-in-law and his friend run a non-profit called Food For Thought in Denver to give meals to school kids and their families who don’t have food over weekends. They get volunteers together every Friday, pack sacks and deliver them to school. Any donation helps. Can you?

30atv 16 Dec 2019
UPDATE (Food for Thought is Bridging the Gap) By Heather Bennett Food for Thought provides meals and snacks to children who are dependent on free or reduced school meals. They bridge... -

WJCCSchools 24 Jul 2019
WJCC Schools’ is honored to be the winner of the Healthy School Meals category of the 2019 VSBA Food for Thought competition for our Farm to School Try Days!

pattibacchus 21 Nov 2019
Some food for thought re proposed cuts to culinary arts and school-meals programs. via

Realjassummers 4 Nov 2019
Food for thought: Prisoners get three free meals a day...... So children in school should get free meals.... right?

HorizonsTrust 18 Oct 2019
Jordan has been working alongside our award winning school chef to support the preparation of meals. His work ethic is definitely giving us food for thought!

District271 15 Oct 2019
This week is National School Lunch Week! We're proud to offer healthy, affordable meals to our students every day. We're also grateful for our partnership with , whose Children's Food for Thought program provides meal funds for families in need:

CYGrandBlvd 7 Oct 2019
We're starting the week off right at the Bistro! Today, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Food for Thought Outreach, a non-profit organization that provides backpacks filled with healthy, easy to prepare food for students who are dependent on free or reduced school meals.

MCHS156 28 Sep 2019
Come out and visit our Food For Thought Program today at Jewel between 11-3pm. Students and staff are collecting food and donations to provide weekend meals for fellow students! The program currently provides weekend meals for 36 high school students.

JeremySFHA 26 Sep 2019
Food for thought, though also need to address issue of passporting as many may be losing out on key support e.g. school meals. Also processing shortcomings must be addressed - see of and

muzza101218 20 Sep 2019
kids on free school meals not being able to eat AND get a drink during to high costs canteen! There is an old adage 'food for thought'. This needs to be investigated ... kids only able to get a snack and drink, how is this enabling learning. Ridiculous

CRSCHOOLS 16 Aug 2019
Food for thought School meals are the right fuel for the body. Every day a variety of lean protein and whole grain-rich foods are offered. Every meal offers fruits and vegetables along with milk. Check out our menus-

CuCPS 23 Jul 2019
Congratulations to ! We took home 1st place in Food for Thought: Healthy School Meals and 3rd place in Excellence in Workplace Readiness at the 2019 Conference of Education!

friscofs 10 Jun 2019
Food for Thought: Why is summer referred to as "Hungry Season"? With 7500+ FISD students on the free/reduced lunch program at school, families in crisis take on extra stress during the summer when their kids require more meals at home. FeedFrisco:

aliceannelemay 24 Apr 2019
Thank you Christine. Most communities have a food for thought program or similar with volunteers to provide meals and snacks to students. Have a look at what other school boards do in the GTA

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