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EMANCIPATOR ENSEMBLE with ODESZA and REAL MAGIC at The Crofoot Ballroom Crofoot Ballroom 1 South Saginaw Pontiac, MI 48342 (248) 858-9333 Connect with us for more info and contests :: www.facebook.com/reactdetroit www.twitter.com/reactdetroit www.instagram.com/reactdetroit www.youtube.com/reactdet www.reactpresents.com
Abraham Lincoln’s Handwriting Found in Racial Theory Book
Today we became a nation who lives up to the declaration of our Great Emancipator, Abe Lincoln, who proclaimed this to be a nation conceived in liberty, dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. And we can thank the Justices in the colored robes for fulfilling that promise. (The men in black are troglodytes). 6-26-15 Here's to another great day in American History.
Fantasy’s “Othering” Fetish
Fantasy’s “Othering” Fetish. A minor kerfuffle on race and representation was kicked up following last Sunday’s season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Most noticeably, the barely restrained tilt towards Orientalism and the “great white emancipator” finally crossed the red line with the episode “Mhysa.” By week’s end, more than a few articles appeared in criticism, most noticeably comedian Aamer Rahman who pointed out why the Khaleesi’s entire storyline has been “messed up” from the jump.
Your Philtrum-the Sexiest Part of the Body
Abe Lincoln vampire slayer was awesome! Love this guy! Need to pick up a bio
Lincoln’s Assassination, From a Doctor’s Perspective
Photos: Milton Greene's Photography
Marilyn Monroe holding a photo of Honest Abe
Black History Album
September 13, New Orleans: While making a mediocre demo of slow blues, the band took a break at the Dew Drop Inn. With few people there and an old upright piano, 'Little Richard' started playing like crazy, singing loud, lewd & hamming it up. The producer was mind-blown - now this was hot and should be recorded! They went right back to the studio and with only fifteen minutes left in the session. "Tutti Fruiti, good booty" became "Tutti Fruiti, aw-rootie" and the rest is history.
24 Head-Turning Ideas For A Traditional Kitchen Interior - Home Awakening
24 Head-Turning Ideas For A Traditional Kitchen Interior
Little Richard
.celebrating classic hollywood's pocs.
little Richard I've been lucky enough to see him in person twice....he is fabulous!!!
Little Richard. His music & charismatic showmanship laid the foundation for rock and roll, was pivotal to the formation of other music genres including soul and funk, & influenced numerous singers/musicians from rock to rap. He mentioned that as a kid he felt more feminine than girls, had sex with both genders, was a drag performer, participated in voyeurism, was "omnisexual", used makeup regularly, dressed in his mother's clothes & was caught spying on men urinating in a bus terminal bathroom.
Tina Turner. 1993. Photo by Michel Comte.
Marlon Brando... Richard Avedon.
Fly Hawaiian Air
"Fly Hawaiian Air" advertising poster. On January 30, 1929, Inter-Island Airways, Ltd. was formed. Now known as Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.
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Little Richard
Little Richard Penniman - The Architect and the Greatest Hair in Rock and Roll. The greatest singer to ever walk the earth. WHOOOOOO - HO
Michael C Hall on playing Bowie on stage and why death stalks him
Bowie, 1980. Photograph: Marty Lederhandler/AP
A Lazy Man
Bill Murray. genius
In LOVE With Joey Ramone

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