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_DanMangan 13 Jun 2014 shared via Twitter
meaning, I'd like to see that. Emancipator vs. Guy who began campaign at scene of civil rights murders

BuchiHassan 7 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
Behold the Emancipator cometh to redeem his people from suffering been meted out by few greedy men who parade themselves as PROGRESSIVES only to loot the common interest of the masses. I enjoin well meaning Nigerians to vote en-mass for for 2019

temujinwords 28 Dec 2015 shared via Twitter
THE EMANCIPATOR : Writings :: The Meaning of Life. Amera Ziganii Rao...

CathySHolmes 18 Apr 2012 shared via Twitter
been meaning to introduce you to Emancipator for a while. Very bonobo-esque. Ignore the video, or not w/e.

whiskeylegsn5th 25 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
Maybe, but mostly it’s just f’ing with words to render them useless. At least that’s my take. They’re working on a new meaning for criminality too....apparently Manafort is a good guy. Manafort, the Everyman of Ukraine. Trump, the great emancipator of all.

MohamedGhilan 28 May 2019
The Emancipator المغني _____ Its meaning: . He is the One who can suffice His servants because He’s the One Who truly possesses everything and can thus grant anything to anyone He wants to a degree…

princefreakasso 26 Mar 2019
The very concept of Islam castigates other well meaning religions. A man does not become a kafir by the yardstick that he does not believe in the chameleon that you believe in. Love has a religion,culture and language all its own,it is the true emancipator of all mankind.

Rolphix May 21
Hi I was today years old when I found out the BLADE meaning Xenoblade X in Japan actually means “Beyond the Logos Artificial Destiny Emancipator” which sounds so much cooler than the one that got into the west 😬

cloudanalogy Feb 11
“The best way to predict your future is to create it” This year marks the 211th birthday anniversary of who served as the 16th . Remembering the Great Emancipator who taught us the real meaning of grit and excellence.

baltisjt 22 Jul 2019
Meaning while in . Despite chaotic one year, I still believe his is the emancipator.

4Mina 3 Apr 2019
If you are more outraged about having your baby because you’d rather be out having fun, you should reevaluate the meaning of your life and the baby’s life. Every child has a soul. You may be killing a future doctor, scientist, emancipator, inventor, artist, surgeon, or President!

Strategy4Iran 7 Jan 2019
17 Day in Iran is the anniversary of giving Iran’s modernisation a momentum by aborting Islamic veil. His path is to be continued and completed. This iconic day is commemorated by meaning “Rezashah the Emancipator of Women in Iran”.

WordMeaningDic 20 Dec 2018
Meaning of libertadores Plural of Libertador. It means who releases, hero leader of an emancipation. Emancipator, Redeemer, Savior, deliverer. In South America, is the name of a Cup, where the top teams of each country involved. Edited by: Danilo...

leroygreen 7 Dec 2018
Nimrod began to be known as “Phoroneus,” which has several meanings, among which was “Emancipator,” or “one who sets free,” or gives liberty. All “Nimrod” managed to do was deliver the masses of people...

makeamericafinn 2 Nov 2018
Emancipator, the rest of such false meaning to exchequer 'tis Father Michael Morell, the mourning night; and heart of all

ev3ponies 18 Jul 2018
True, but as an historical “identification” (like the great emancipator, or the great communicator), the great liar (meaning he lies all the time) fits, don’t you think?

patchworkearth 6 Dec 2017
So anyway the original JP acronym BLADE stood for "Beyond the Logos Artificial Destiny Emancipator" not "Builders of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth" which is a pretty different meaning

mrblitz 16 Jun 2015
Lysandra (Greek: Λυσάνδρα, meaning"Liberator, Emancipator"

IslamicUmmah786 15 Feb 2014
Name of Allah: Al-Mughniy Meaning: The Enricher, The Emancipator

LifeHopeTruth 18 Jan 2013
Free at Last: The Greatest Emancipator. New post to the Meaning of Life Blog

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