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The Six Million Dollar Man Doll - Steve Austin
Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man. My brother had this, and I stole it because I needed another Ken.
Sam's Personal - Currancy
First President of U.S 13 colonies, was African American Moor, John Hanson. Research people read real history. More proof that African Moors were in the America's 1st.
Beacon Python
million dollar invention right here!
In Search of the Real History of Sacagawea (or Sacajawea)
In search of the real history of Sacagawea (Sacajawea) After the 1999 introduction of a new US dollar coin which features the Shoshone Indian Sacagawea, many are interested in the real history of this woman.
Watch the shocking truth of your beverages!
Silver Half Dollar
Billion Dollar Whale by Bradley Hope
Named a Best Book of 2018 by the Financial Times and Fortune, this "thrilling" (Bill Gates) New York Times bestseller exposes how a "modern Gatsby" swindled over $5 billion with the aid of Goldman Sachs in "the heist of the century" (Axios).Now a #1 international bestseller, BILLION DOLLAR WHALE is "an epic tale of white-collar crime on a global scale" (Publishers Weekly, starred review), revealing how a young social climber from Malaysia pulled off one of the biggest heists in history. In 2009,
Nailed It
In virtually every city, state and strip mall across the U.S., women get their nails done in salons likely owned by Vietnamese entrepreneurs. How did this community come to dominate an $8 billion dollar nail economy? Nailed It takes viewers from Los Angeles to the Bronx to meet the diverse people and relationships behind this booming and enigmatic trade. Uncover the real history of the Vietnamese nail salon, now streaming through 6/7:
Stock Quotes, Business News and Data from Stock Markets
two dollar bills. Introduced in 1862 and discontinued in 1966. Was reintroduced again 1976. This example is a copy of the current two dollar bill which is still in circulation.
For real. Jeez. I just want to pay off my debt and take care of my grandparents without also having to go broke in the progress because elders don’t need money either right?
Death to World Capitalism / V. Briskin / The Dollar's Domain / Soviet poster, soviet propaganda, propaganda, ussr, ussr poster, 1954
Death to World Capitalism / V Briskin / The Dollar's by rarely, $9.99
“Titanic survivors were charged $1 per word to send telegrams from their lifeboat. One man used his last dollar to send the word ‘Safe’ to his mother.”
saving this because it clarifies for me what it means when we say that trades enrich the entire economy. one trade generates more trades, so that a single dollar can come to have more economic value than its OG market value. this post is making the point that rich people hinder economic growth (+ I'm not sure what I think of that) but I'm saving it because it opened my eyes to the importance of investment and trade
Nobody does it better!
Who Was George Washington? Paperback Book
George Washington has been called the father of our country for leading America through its early years. Washington also served in two major wars during his lifetime: the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. With over 100 black-and-white illustrations, Washington's fascinating story comes to life—revealing the real man, not just the face on the dollar bill. This is an Accelerated Reader® title.'
Obama: The Call of History by Peter Baker (Hardback)
Peter Baker's authoritative history of the Obama presidency is the first complete account that will stand the test of time. Baker takes the measure of Obama's achievements and disappointments in office and brings into focus the real legacy of the man who, as he described himself, "doesn't look like all the presidents on the dollar bills." With vivid color photographs by New York Times photographers and others of the events, major and minor, public and behind-the scenes, that defined Barack Obam
33 Signs The Illuminati Is Real
A dollar bill 33 Signs The Illuminati Is Real
In Search of the Real History of Sacagawea (or Sacajawea)
Sacagawea (or Sacajawea): Guide to the West: 1805: Sacajawea interprets Lewis and Clark's intentions to the Chinook Indians
AAAHHHH! Real Alien Photos!!
AAAHHHH! Real Alien Photos!! - Gallery
How Much Is a Two Dollar Bill Worth?
It's not a one. Yes, 2 Dollar Bills are real. Although widely unused, two dollar bills are legal tender. Find out how much is a 2 dollar bill worth!
One Million Dollar Bill - Become a Millionaire Now! Same size as Real Money
Harvey Dent: How to Use the SSN to Pay Any Bill Through the Federal Reserve/IMF
UPDATE July 28th, 2017: Harvey Dent’s YouTube Channel has been taken down, click here for more information.  The reports are that this process works in most instances.  There are some reversa…

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