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qamata1 18 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
A cursory look at this graph will give you the full story. A sudden 80% increase in the rate of the US Dollar against the Naira yet the United Nations Poverty Index remained static at $1,25 per day. Therefore one has to ask the question, did Nigerians become poorer in real terms?

DanNissn 17 Aug 2017 shared via Twitter
Trying to recreate some real world materials, old tea pot shot in my Dollar tree studio, with shader graph

andrew_leach 1 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
Depends on what investments they are assuming and what year they expect to see emissions start to come down. Basically, the area of the gap between the "business as usual" emissions graph and the policy projection divided by the cost would be the real dollar cost per tonne.

rabz1710 Mar 11 shared via Twitter
About the ministry of Energy, if u have to make it real according to the barrel of Oil, meaning the 1 million dollar budget when the barrel was 25$ and when it was 100$ or around 70$ last few years. how will it change? in doing this graph aren't u making false accusations

4realDaveHunter 28 Jul 2018 shared via Twitter
Graph shows Real GDP growth rate of the United States from 1990 to 2017. Real GDP growth is adjusted for price changes as inflation/deflation & is chained to the U.S. dollar value of 2009. The Real GDP increased by 2.3 percent in 2017 ALSO, 213,000 jobs added in June 2018 ALONE!

majilato 17 Jul 2018
Or, if $ sells off big These can diverge a bit when we have big FX moves (look at 2014 on graph: when dollar rallied big, they diverged significantly) I could see $ selling off and gold going to 1500-1600 and real rates staying where they are give or take What’s ur px target?

dougvereecke May 18
No one cares bout that. To them it's not real cause it doesn't match his graph now. Unless he makes it big it's a 30 dollar ball. No one collects athletics

vb_jens 2 Dec 2019
The graph is slightly mislabeled. Think of it as an approximation to the dollar change in the average property tax bill. The (residential) mill rate has indeed changed differently, it’s primarily determined by real estate values and total tax need.

mattcase31 27 Jul 2019
Again, the graph I made controls for the cost of living. It plots partisan index vs. *real* median income, which is median income times the value a dollar has in that area (all aspects of the cost of living) compared to the national average.

anilvohra69 2 May 2018
US wages are rising (see graph) which will push Fed to hike more Rising real wages are bullish for USD Headwinds are building: Trifecta of rising wages, higher rates, and stronger Dollar each mean lower GDP and weaker SPX

Sunset_Trader_ 9 Feb 2018
I m not sure about this coin, the graph trend looks nice, but low volume. If BTC get bearish, DGB will crash again and go even down. On a bullish run, it could go back to 0.12 dollars (so 4 times) but to 1 dollar ,.... the project missing some real use case in my opinion

funwithaluminum 23 Nov 2016
The policies you refer to are not detectable on a graph of real-dollar per-capita federal outlays:

adam_laugesen 16 Nov 2019
The real question is, after looking at this graph, what do you think the ramifications of 15 million plus unemployed people rioting in the streets because they cant even afford a burger off the dollar menu. It is in our best interest to adress this.

SGBarbour 20 Dec 2018
The dollar is not necessarily going to hold its purchasing power (like it has for the period in this graph), so I'm not sure I buy this.

earth_pupil Mar 12
Hi, thanks for that graph. Could you help me understand what will happen when we go back to gold standard? Does that mean the dollar will once again be worth a dollar instead of five cents? How will that play out in real life? I can't wrap my mind around it. TIA

sonicdivx Feb 14
Interesting read, but income does not necessarily translate into real class status. Partly because "we" tend to reset as income shifts. and where is the graph that compare value of dollar and goods. Feel those charts miss that context which would be good.

BraadlandB Mar 4
Looking at the graph the greatest long term deviation was the high rates of the 80-ties to reign in inflation and irresponsible politics of that time. As Volker now has left the helm rates are political and the dollar will be at play with negative real rates.

vanajkay 17 Dec 2019
Thank you for the updates. They are great. Has anyone brought forth real dollar amounts for public to view? Very hard to understand the ping pong amendments. How about a graph showing the real dollar ($$$) increase over the last few years of TAX paid by avg property owner.

Ann_tunji 11 Nov 2019
Just googled 'petrol price in Nigeria' , there is no real time data. I was expecting a graph, like when you google naira to dollar.

dumbflexin 10 Nov 2019
Multiple hunger and human rights organizations have said that the minimum amount per day for JUST FOOD should be around $7-10. You can plug that poverty cutoff dollar figure into the World Bank's PovCalNet tool (the same tool used to make that graph) instead of $1.90. Try it.

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