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Alphabet Pocket Chart Center
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Alphabet Pocket Chart Center

SoberLook 1 Sep 2015 shared via Twitter
Chart: Brazilian real weakens to 3.69 to the dollar -

RobinBrooksIIF 16 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
Chart shows IIF currency valuation model, which calculates real exchange rate adjustment needed to bring the current account into equilibrium. The Chinese Yuan (CNY) is 10%, Taiwan (TWD) and Thailand (THB) 15% undervalued. The Dollar (USD) 10% overvalued.

DTAPCAP Mar 17 shared via Twitter
Danger. Fed stimulus not enough, not flowing to mkts. Chart of real 5yr rate showing TIGHTENING as inflation expectations collapse. MUST get NEGATIVE real rates now. Mkts cannot and will not stabilize until real rates lower. This is what's supporting usd. Need lower dollar now.

DTAPCAP May 20 shared via Twitter
Great chart of world monetary/fiscal stimulus enacted. All adds up to $20 Trillion. Total amount to be injected in just 2 MONTHS equivalent to entire nominal GDP of the US economy. And dollar still not falling and real US rates not dropping. Policy will go easier. +Gold/Btc.

SoberLook 20 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
Chart: The Brazilian real is tumbling (approaching 4 to the dollar again) -

RobinBrooksIIF 15 Apr 2018
Very difficult to rationalize India, since it has seen -- after the US Dollar -- the most pronounced real effective appreciation across all the major currencies. Chart ranks real effective appreciation across major currencies since 2013, where India (INR) comes right after USD.

Schuldensuehner 27 Sep 2018
Donald Trump’s foreign policy is putting the dollar at risk. US unilateralism could lead to a “real dollar crisis” within 10yrs and the rise of alternative currencies, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink told the Bloomberg Forum. (Chart Barry Eichengreen)

tpetruno 7 Jun 2018
That soaring line on the chart is Brazil's currency collapsing vs the US dollar. Now takes 3.94 Brazilian real to buy $1, vs 3.5 in early May. Another emerging-mkts crisis brewing?

vicconsult 21 Jan 2018
Each time someone tells you that (and all crypto's) is a scam, refer them to this chart: U.S. Purchasing Power Chart. And then ask what real is?!

taemworks 12 Nov 2018
can u spend another one dollar for waste it on me or promote it to your in real life friends or family? our streams rate about to be the same with fake love and dna but we have nonexistence sales, thats why wiom tanked and out of chart :(

Brad_Setser Apr 26
would take a bit of time, but I can also find a chart showing a good fit between either exports or the non-oil trade balance and the fed's broad real dollar lagged 6 to 8qs. this is a basic relationship that has been studied repeatedly and confirmed consistently (see M. Chinn)

AzarsTweets May 22
please show your guest this chart. He said if Govt pays its debts, depositors will get their $$ back. But most of the Govt debt is in LBP. The dollar debt is with BDL alone and it doesn't have real dollars to pay. How do the Banks expect this to be repaid?

vdehejia 5 Jul 2019
Chart tells the tale. Nominal US$ dollar GDP growth has been all over the map, and recent IMF projections overestimate India's growth. Meanwhile, real rupee GDP growth per capita ticks along at a fitful rate, so it will take a decade for an average person's real income to double.

scharlab 29 Sep 2014
➋ Brazil's real weakens 2% to R$ 2.46 per dollar—lowest since 2008 crisis. [CHART] MT

Brad_Setser 1 Jul 2019
The dollar rise in broad real effective terms by about 15%. U.S. manufactured fell by about 15% -- this chart shows the ratio of manufactured exports to U.S. GDP over the period of dollar appreciation (a fall means exports are falling as a share of GDP) (2/x)

business 23 Feb 2017
This chart shows that lower real U.S. yields could deal another body blow to the dollar

codywillard 10 Apr 2013
The best Real-time BitCoin to Dollar Chart on the Internet is at $$

AUD USD Online Chart - Australian Dollar to US Dollar Real-Time Quote

MoHossain 1 Feb 2018
Interesting charts and analysis from on dollar’s woes but tech to reap rewards, treasury yields and break-evens, gold and real rates linkage, , etc.

Brad_Setser 12 Nov 2019
on trade side, trade deficit is up more in real than nominal terms -- strong dollar pushed down import prices, strong nGDP helped limit rise in M to GDP. and have the real improvement in the oil balance. will do a chart showing cumulative contributions --

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