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Current exchange rate US DOLLAR (USD) to BRAZIL REAL (BRL) including currency converter, buying & selling rate and historical conversion chart.
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Cryptocurrencies rise on Trump victory – TechCrunch
Donald Trump's historic victory in the 2016 US presidential elections predictably immediately hammered the value of the dollar on foreign currency exchange..
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Crypto Currency Converter by jodacame
Crypto Currency Converter
Crypto Currency Converter by jodacame
Crypto Currency Converter
Crypto Currency Converter by jodacame
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alex13wetter 21 Jun 2015 shared via Twitter
Us Dollar Brazilian Real | USDBRL | FX | Currency | Exchange Rate | Historical Data | Chart

RuNetMemes 15 Oct 2014 shared via Twitter
The real reason Russia has allowed the ruble-dollar exchange rate to spike so suddenly.

mattfrei 21 Jun 2010 shared via Twitter
The real story behind all the agonizing Dollar-Yuan exchange rate is China's epidemic of industrial unrest

BinkieER 26 Jun 2010 shared via Twitter
RT @Hollystaaar: Quick visit to exchange goodies! yes those are real dollar hair bows made by

pearkes 24 Jan 2015 shared via Twitter
Interesting for dollar bulls: the USD exchange rate based on real unit labor costs is still well below average. (MS)

AnnaJKaiser 15 Nov 2014
With US dollar to Brazilian real exchange rate at $1=R$2.6, Brazilian Central bank to intervene Monday

SeekingAlpha 30 Mar 2015

Banxico 24 Dec 2013
Peso/USD exchange rate historical series including today’s (Dec 24) FIX: 13.0200 pesos/dollar **

KillerMike 29 Jan 2013
I listen to conservative talk radio for a reason. All that biz talk is real. Demand something in exchange for your dollar that will make $

wrightbryan3 13 Jun 2015
This is what a 100 trillion dollar note looks like. Exchange rate? 175 quadrillion dollars = $5. For real.

tolmasky 14 Oct 2010
The VTA machine gave me 18 dollars in change in dollar coins. Where can I go to exchange these dollar coins for real money?

terrravo 20 Nov 2014
a dollar a day could help this young foreign exchange child find a real place to sleep in

USDA_ERS 5 Jun 2013
The U.S. Dollar-Brazilian Real exchange rate key in world raw prices.

rorihuela 24 Jan 2014
7 years of the US Dollar/Brazilian real exchange rate

jamiedupree 3 Oct 2012
First real interplay exchange where Romney gets in a decent sound bite on trillion dollar deficits

jarras001 5 Feb 2015
What ? 50 mil bond coins in exchange for 50 mil real money ? Zim Dollar is bak !

sighhighs 22 Jan 2015
@gunsmithPup we have a sacagawea dollar that is a coin you can give to the bank in exchange for a real dollar

ProSyn 15 Jun 2014
"By maintaining an undervalued real exchange rate, has fallen into the so-called 'dollar trap'"

yameenharoon 30 Apr 2014
and if you see the operating profit is due to exchange gain of 5.6 billion due to dollar rate. No real profit.

CMEGroup 26 Sep 2011
RT : Dollar's worth more, Real is worth less, CEOs have to worry about the exchange rate $$

kopalo 4 Sep 2014
Hello tweeps, anyone know where I can find data on historical Kwacha-Dollar exchange rates ? cc

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