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daily_trust May 25 shared via Twitter
One hundred and thirty-five offenders have been convicted by a mobile court in Sagamu, Ogun State, for violating the lockdown order imposed by the state government in its efforts to curtail the spread of the coronavirus disease. Read more:

PLSGov May 25 shared via Twitter
He said "We have noted with delight some of the major steps you have taken to curtail the disease especially by restricting movements which has done a lot to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Omar78657010 May 26 shared via Twitter
My brother they have no clue or plans about the covid. They are just using the lockdown to pretend as if they are performing any miracle to curtail the spread of the disease but wallahy trust me Allah ne kawai yake kiyaye mu.

svagdis May 26 shared via Twitter
What have U done to solve ? Working sinceJanuary to curtail disease wtravel bans? No, Trump did! Guess U haven’t heard of PPE&vent productions and distribution to states & countries Daily mtgs sinceJanuary >130 days straight-so he can play golf Dems have done squat

WoleOluyemiCo May 22 shared via Twitter
Of course, a symptom might not necessarily be a conclusive evidence of a disease. Sometimes, Johnson could have decided to curtail growth for some strategic reasons 😁. That’s another topic entirely.

MediocreDave May 28
The only way to get mass participation in necessary measures to curtail the spread of the disease is to inform people of what's needed and convince them of the justification. It cannot be enforced through policing, and the attempt just reproduces systemic problems.

mgenevievef 15 hours ago
Ok, but it doesn't just talk about that case. That was my topical example. There is a longstanding legal precedent that the government can step in to curtail the spread of a communicable disease via lockdown.

LibertyViewer May 28
Not only do you take no measures that would help public health, help curtail the disease, YOU ACTIVELY FIGHT ANY MEASURES and ANYONE who supports them. It really DOES look like Putin sent you to the White House to be a wrecking ball on America!

T_Ray_TV May 22
I don't always start billion dollar companies. But when I do I use the money to curtail disease around the world.

HopeRxLA May 27
"A limited sample of high Cannabis sativa extracts... have the potential to inhibit its entry into cells, curtail disease spread and reduce mortality" Pathway Rx Advances Research that Shows Potential for Medical to Treat

Will 1 of the 3 series do a pandemic story? "Curtail an outbreak results in citizens losing their rights" has potential. Freedom vs Safety, only with a disease instead of terrorism.

The Edo State Government says drastic measures will now be taken to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 disease in the State given the rapid rate of transmission in communities.

a great bit on dutch elm disease: "Quarantine and sanitation procedures held most cases within 150 miles of metropolitan New York City until 1941 when war demands began to curtail them."

slargeliving May 28
Recent spike is from mine in carltonville but on 7day average thy still have high recovery and fewer hospitalization.... If we can investigate what is causation.... Theories could be weather still warmer compared to west coast Or people are using certain drugs to curtail disease

DrewHarvell May 25
“...predict what circumstances are giving rise to super-spreading, the math shows you can really, very quickly curtail the ability of the disease to spread,”Why do some COVID-19 patients infect many others, whereas most don’t spread the virus at all?

AapHonest May 26
11 containment zones have turned green in Delhi over the last four days - a sign that the steps taken by to curtail the spread of the disease in the coronavirus hotspots were effective in many places.

bully4me16 May 26
He looks like a man who cares about the other person by wearing a mask to curtail spreading the disease. You know, as opposed to a selfish self centered a**hole who shows his disregard of human life every single day. Why don't you go shake your orange kings hand and give him a 😙

Infectious diseases do not respond this way. As long as there is a pool of infectious individuals, the disease will keep propagating within the community. To curtail it, infected people need to be isolated and the chain of transmission needs to be broken, then brought down.

gaiabiz May 28
To mask or not to mask: Modeling the potential for face mask use by the general public to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic Steffen E Eikenberry, Marina Mancuso, et al Infectious Disease Modeling 2020 2/

amcfarla May 27
And the same day 100,000 are dead from a disease you father did nothing to curtail.

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