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Voluptuous. Syllabification: vo·lup·tu·ous. Pronunciation: vəˈləp(t)SH(o͞o)əs. adjective: voluptuous. Definition: of, rel...
Definition of cogent | COGENT--1. convincing or believable by virtue of forcible, clear, or incisive presentation; telling. 2. to the point; relevant; pertinent.
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ArchRecord Mar 18 shared via Twitter
As shelter-in-place directives take effect across northern California, contractors and local and state officials are trying to decipher the definition of “essential” in the unprecedented response to curtail COVID-19. Read more on :

bmj_latest Apr 18 shared via Twitter
"To curtail active transmission of SARS-CoV-2, testing should be extended far beyond people who fit a narrow case definition and other populations currently considered at risk"

WHONigeria Apr 2 shared via Twitter
As part of efforts to curtail the spread of in Ogun, trained workers in the state on COVID19 case definition, IPC & information flow; this is to mitigate the proliferation of -19 at the grassroots & border settlements. Ogun State has 4 confirmed cases

IndiaUNGeneva 24 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
🇮🇳 at India highlights the recommendation of the to apply rigorous definitions of invention & patentability to curtail evergreening| Indian Patent Law has sufficient safeguards to prevent evergreening|++read:

JamilSmith 28 Apr 2010 shared via Twitter
If one runs for office, he or she is not interested in making gov't smaller. By definition. No one seeks power to then curtail that power.

imfeelingevery 9 Jul 2016
[curtailing] Curtail | Definition of Curtail by Merriam-Webster

idkshane May 13
they are waiting for more public backlash to figure out who to be mad at and curtail the definition to target their scapegoat

NatSecSoc 22 Aug 2019
In the media today: writers warn proposed Islamophobia definition will curtail free speech; anti-abortion protesters lose appeal against buffer zone around clinic; councillor calls for end of prayers before meetings Subscribe:

SAT_words 18 Feb 2010
Definition: curtail ( v 1: place restrictions on; curtail

aimeecarrero 18 Apr 2019
Trump “...engaged in efforts to curtail the Special Counsel’s investigation and prevent the disclosure of evidence through... contacts with potential witnesses.” Isn’t that the definition of obstruction?

PsychToday 31 Mar 2018
If you label or otherwise curtail the movement of all who fit the profile of a shooter, you will, by definition, mostly be labeling innocent, law-abiding people

MatthewTPage 4 May 2018
Short sighted on their part. Also, their definition of “being talked down to” = asking them nicely to curtail mass torture and killings at Giwa Barracks etc.

globalvoices 17 May 2019
Singapore parliament approves ‘anti-fake news’ law — will this curtail free speech? "the law's definition of what counts as fake or false is remarkably vague"

erikgullberg May 29

mickbognor May 28
Trump's legally (& morally) right here Unlike papers, Twitter's exempt from libel laws bc it's an Open Forum so can't be held responsible for what individuals post But if Twitter sets rules that curtail free speech, it's not an Open Forum By definition You can't have it both ways

Lynnp27 May 28
Trump trying to curtail social media platforms by fiat is the very definition of a First Amendment Violation. This is stupid. Let's move on.

luvcats13 May 27
My GOD! This FOOL, DOES NOT know the definition of freedom of speech. It means - that the government (that’s YOU) cannot curtail OUR speech except in cases for the public good (such as we can’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater).YOU can’t arrest US!

miriamorcutt Apr 17
Exactly. “To curtail active transmission of SARS-CoV-2, testing should be extended far beyond people who fit a narrow case definition...The current strategy will be...missing a substantial number of patients with atypical presentations or few symptoms”

so like.....we put these new recruiting protocols in place to curtail super early commits (which, by definition, are the most volatile/least secure)...........and we then take a 2023 commit a couple months later?

kentdshaw 28 Dec 2019
Thanks for the shout, . Everyone, "The Definition of Curtail" is available in my book, Too Numerous!

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