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iainmarlow May 28 shared via Twitter
I mean, maybe we would if Tim's wasn't currently operated by a Brazilian private equity giant that also runs Burger King franchises. Canadians apparently abandoning the chain in droves (plus, its coffee has always been rubbish).

BookNet_Canada May 27 shared via Twitter

PBRCanada May 27 shared via Twitter
BFT TOP 50: Today we look back at Marcos Gloria’s record-setting season in 2018, when he not only became the first rider to win consecutive Monster Energy Tour events, but also the first Brazilian since 1994 to win the Calgary Stampede >>

macleans May 25 shared via Twitter
Letters to the editor, May 25, 2020: Readers weigh in on the future of economic growth, one man's escape from Florida and a certain Brazilian coffee chain in Canada

RorateCaeli May 23 shared via Twitter
Otherwise, we'd have to blame the French, British, Italian, Belgian, Dutch, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Argentinian, Canadian, etc "political traditions"...

Not exactly this. You guys said American. Nobody refers to Canadians or Americans as North American..... - "Hey guys check out that stud American Neymar" - "but he's Brazilian" - "ya...American...south american"

I almost never check twitter stats, but dat ratio... 👌 To my +400 new Brazilian followers fans of Bolsonaro: you're in for a really weird experience with lots of stuff mixed with complaining about how bad Canada sucks. Enjoy the ride!

Kanquigua 16 minutes ago
By the way, the accurate name for the inhabitants of the US/USA is "USian" or "Usian". Short, euphonious, inclusive to all people in the US, because American are Canadian, Cuban, Jamaican, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, Bolivian too. All them, not just you. Anglonazi culture say AMERICA.

Mr. Musk That's nothing compared to the Venezuelan/Argentinan/Brazilian/Egyptian/Canadian Socialism. What & do to you or anyone else, is nothing compared to the nosy life style Socialism lives by. The major problem is they don't know or consider themselves sick.

brazcanchamber 19 hours ago
The 7th Webinar Series What Lies Ahead, presented by the , will talk about the aspects of Brazilian . Don't miss the opportunity to join this conversation. For more information and registration, please access

SchneiderStache 7 hours ago
It's what happens when corporate hacks try to relate to "everyday Canadians." Meanwhile, everyday Canadians have figured out that Tim's is a owned by a Brazilian conglomerate and their coffee tastes like parboiled ass.

Pure___Chaos May 27
IM BRAZILIAN/PORTUGUESE/CANADIAN-INDIAN, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAN NICELY ...but my Irish/Scottish/British/German side is fighting it

Imm2canada8 May 24
This Brazilian power plant is using ocean waves to harness 87 GW of power per year. Innovation will fuel clean energy.

Tintie4 May 23
Orban, the Brazilian leader, Putin, and indviduals are definitely far right of centre. Some members may not be so extreme, but why does this group exist if not to gain power in some way? Harper states he wanted to destroy liberalism in Canada,now taking that goal worldwide.

UNHCRCanada May 26
“When he died, the whole community cried. We are very scared of the coronavirus.” 🦠 has hit the Brazilian Amazon particularly hard, exposing highly vulnerable native people from Venezuela to the potentially deadly disease.

sluggahjells 24 hours ago
When ANY Black American, black woman or black man, tries to talk to you on ANYTHING CIVILLY, PLEASE LISTEN non-black person whether YOU are an American, Canadian, Mexican, British, Brazilian, Indian, Asian.

w1tch_d0kt0r May 24
We have other issues in Canada. Even bears enjoy some good Brazilian BBQ. Why wouldn't they lol ;-). Anyways, I'm going to study. night.

moon_tatsu May 26
Céline Dion - You And I (Official Video) Brazilian, go to Canada to help nursing!!! :)

rikominiom May 26
Hi, I’m Brazilian living in Canada to learn English and I’m 23 years old. Don’t worry, the international fandom is really nice and many people will be happy to help you. Also, if you want to talk with me, you can DM

Alphonso Davis came from Canada to Bayern aged 18. At 19 hes one of the best left backs in the world.People overhype other things anyway!

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