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Distance Learning with Reading Comprehension
In this blog post I break down what to do and what to "send out" first for teaching and then learning with reading comprehension. I focus on 3 comprehension strategies in this blog post; Cause and Effect, Story Structure, and Compare and Contrast.
Lots of great techniques here!
Here are a few tips to ensure your Blackboard Course is optimized for Mobile Learn.
15 Secrets to Teaching Adults
Traditionally, the image of the teacher has always a stern authority figure with a blackboard and chalk. Ordinarily they presided over a classroom full of kids. Within the ESL industry, howe
Videos that Teach Time - Lucky Little Learners
Teaching time does not have to be hard!  Introduce concepts such as time to the hour, time to the half hour, time to the nearest 5 minutes, and much more through the use of math videos.  We have put together a list of fun, appropriate, and informative math videos that will help your students understand telling time.  Enjoy!
How to be the BEST Substitute Teacher! #teaching #substitute #education #substituteteacher
Ink Teachers Day Cartoon Writing Brush Blackboard Teacher's Day baenr Teaching Tools Thanksgivin | E-commerce PSD Free Download - Pikbest
Ink Teachers Day Cartoon Writing Brush Blackboard Teacher's Day baenr Teaching Tools Thanksgivin#pikbest#e-commerce's-day-baenr-teaching-tools-thanksgivin_308711.html
Simple Teaching PowerPoint Template | PowerPoint for School | Chalkboard PPT template| Blackboard Power Point | Blackboard PowerPoint
Simple Teaching PowerPoint Template | PowerPoint for School | Chalkboard PPT template| Blackboard Power Point | Blackboard PowerPoint by KaySquaredPrintables on Etsy
I would add to the saying "when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking and USUALLY says its name." this will give the students the decoding strategy that if the vowel name doesn't work try the short vowel sound... one or the other should handle most words. Also I would put these up on the blackboard while using them but not on the wall.
How to Move Your Google Drive Teaching Lessons to the Top Education Apps - Study All Knight
Learn how to move your Google Drive teaching lessons to the top education apps. Great for upper elementary, middle school, and high school students. You'll learn how to work with Notability, Microsoft One Note, SeeSaw, Nearpod, EverNote, Pic Collage, EdModo, Schoology, Canvas, #GoogleClassroom, Microsoft Classroom, Microsoft OneDrive, Blackboard, & Padlet. These great teacher lessons utilize paperless technology in amazing ways! {3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th grade}
Our Favorite Videos for Teaching Shakespeare
Our Favorite Videos for Teaching Shakespeare. Our favorite Shakespeare videos for the classroom. Check out this list of resources about his plays, poems, life, and more. #youtubevideos #middleschool #highschool
First 100 Sight Words - A4 - Blackboard Jungle
First 100 Sight Words - A4 – Blackboard Jungle
Be The Teacher You Loved: Photo
Skills for a teacher
Trove of blackboard drawings from Michael Hall Steiner School in Forest Row, England | Waldorf Today - Waldorf Employment, Teaching Jobs, Positions & Vacancies in Waldorf Schools
Magnetic Kindergarten Children's Teaching Mini Blackboard Message Board DUU #fashion #home #garden #homedcor #messageboardsholders (ebay link)
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Tutorial with Norman Eng and Ana Marjanovic
[TIMESTAMPS BELOW!] Professors, are you transitioning from in-person to online lectures? Is Blackboard the learning management system your school uses? Do you want…
Teaching ESL to Beginners - a How-to
ESL beginners - teaching English to teens and adults. ESL/ELL beginner teaching checklist
Great idea for teaching doubles addition with graham crackers, icing, and chocolate chips.
The Accessibility Imperative in K-12 Education - Blackboard Blog
Blackboard Collaborate Classic | Blackboard Collaborate | Blackboard Support | eLearning & Academic Partnerships | TTU
Prepositions of Place Exercises With Pictures | Articles | DetailENGLISH
The Mailbox #BeTheDifference Giveaway! - Lessons With Laughter
when you enter this classroom {door decor}

GPEC May 25 shared via Twitter
. & teamed up to form a free, online teaching academy designed to help teachers & administrators adapt to the new virtual learning landscape. Discover more on the Alliance for Virtual Learning.

CTICornell May 26 shared via Twitter
. Faculty & Instructors: This is the last week to move your old Blackboard courses to Canvas. Access to Blackboard will close on May 31, 2020! Here's how to export your archived BB courses:

kashakhtar May 29 shared via Twitter
Absolutely, the ability to go in and out of breakout rooms in Zoom is very good. We also use Collaborate at for small group teaching and I've been really impressed with the ability for all users to annotate/ label/ interact etc

DerbyUniCELT May 28 shared via Twitter
Today (2.00 - 3.00 pm)! DELTA: Digital session 'Refining your use of Blackboard Collaborate to Support Assessment'. Visit to access

MamitaStatus 22 minutes ago shared via Twitter
I really am super hype for this summer class I’m teaching. I even made a banner for the blackboard tryna be cute 🤩🥰

UCL_teaching May 28
Meet me at the BAR: the MSc Dental Hygiene programme share how they provided a virtual social space for students, using Blackboard Collaborate.

Humber_TLS May 29
Blackboard Ally will be available to Humber Faculty MONDAY, JUNE 1st. Join us TODAY from 1 - 1:30pm for a virtual training session on Blackboard Ally: An Overview.

Ruari_Elkington 7 hours ago
FYI QUT folks, all staff can access the Indigenous Perspectives in Learning and Teaching (ILPT) Blackboard modules. These are both excellent standalone resources but also lay the way to apply for AFHEA (Indigenous) should you wish

SRanchordas May 26
In one hour, I'll be teaching my last online class for this academic year. At , we use Blackboard Collaborate for classes and Google for Meetings, not Zoom. What worked so far? Students love polls, live Q&A sessions & short pre-recorded videos. (I)

jgmac1106 May 27
I am teaching a 5 week intensive class now, using Blackboard and Teams for a space somewhere between synchronous and asynchronous classrooms. Still encouraging but 100% optional, if you wanna follow along check out ()

kashakhtar May 30
We only started using it since Covid, therefore don't have any previous experience of it. We use Zoom for our large webinars and Collaborate for small group teaching, for which it has been extremely effective and very stable. I'm not sponsored by them!

Humber_TLS May 26
Blackboard Ally will be available to Humber Faculty June 1st! Click the link to learn more about the features that will be available to YOU!

Humber_TLS May 28
Blackboard Ally launches June 1st for Humber Faculty! Join us Friday, May 29th from 1:00pm to 1:30pm for our Introduction to Ally webinars!

While I really miss explaining stuff on a blackboard – one advantage of teaching digital is, that one can easily combine my whiteboard (iPad) via OBS with interactive plots to illustrate exercise problems, for example - compared to sketching them.

sonacollege May 26
Sona is one of the ranked institutions that adopts online teaching learning process through and Capturing System in India.This proves to be very useful for students during d pandemic period. Admission, apply here 👉

GerryGramozis May 27
This sums up my thoughts on Blackboard and using it for surveys and questionnaires.

Jiswitty May 25
I bet it is. Sadly when I was at the second school that used that platform, the IT people didn't understand how to use it. Was really happy I had already been teaching on it for a few years. Mind you this was like 15 years or so ago.

JureBaloh May 28
OK, , between Zoom and Blackboard, which platform do you think works better for teaching online? Any comments and tips also welcome...

I have to be honest that since leaving the public school system 5 years ago in order to stay home & home-school my own kids, I haven't used a lot of digital content distribution. When I was teaching in the public realm, the main venue we had for sharing was blackboard

DerbyUniCELT May 26
Today (11.00 am - 12.00pm)! DELTA: Digital session 'Using Blackboard to Track Student Engagement and Manage Content'. Visit to access.

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